UK Sikhs oppose proposed meat plant near gurdwara

London, UK: British Sikhs have fiercely opposed a proposal to set up a meat plant next to a prominent gurdwara in the city of Bradford in England. Food firm Pakeezah wants to convert a disused car repair workshop on Percival Street into a wholesale meat plant and the plans will come up for approval at a local meeting on Tuesday.

But Bradford’s Sikh community fears the redevelopment could mean the smell of meat wafting into the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara building. “Many of our people are strict vegetarians and the notion of meat being so near to the gurdwara is disrespectful and insensitive,” Kuldip Kaur Bharj, secretary of the Board of Bradford gurdwaras, told the Bradford Telegraph.

“The analogy of putting a pork butcher beside a mosque or synagogue is a good one. Although we do not eat halal meat, we do not condemn it as repugnant because we do respect other religions. It is really that the smell of meat is very offencive for people who don’t eat it,” Bharj said.

In a letter to the local council planning officer, gurdwara president Kuldeep Duley wrote: “A butchery plant should be on an industrial estate rather than next to a place of worship where people will be exposed to the disgraceful smell.”

“We would never dream of doing anything that might cause offence to our neighbours and many of our customers are Sikhs,” Pakeezah director Tariq Haq stressed.

Source: The Tribune


  1. akaldev singh panesar

    the only way out is that we must come out of the cacoon of hinduism and start afresh.We are not the backward lot and the reformist must go forward to put forward the clear lines to come to terms with our coming generation and accept them as sehajhdharee not patit.the eating meat and sukha shall be cleared on one side and on the other side of the coin the khalsa shall be as fierce as it was in 1809 when the british started dissecting our empire bit by bit and gave it to pakistan when it was too hot to handle.we in england can strat the free khalistan movement afresh.

  2. I love how the muslim butchers still say stupidness like “alot of our customers are sikhs” lol no sikh goes out of their way and buys halal…fools

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