Three injured Sikhs arrested and falsely charged with serious offences

Patiala, Punjab: As per information received from Sikh Siyasat sources, three young Sikhs who were injured due to police beating and attack by Shiv Sena activists at Arya Samaj, Patiala yesterday (March 28, 2012) are falsely charged with serious offences including “attempt to murder” under section 307 IPC.

It is notable that Sikhs were protesting in a peaceful manner against execution of Sikh political prisoner Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana at Patiala during Punjab bandh call yesterday, when Shiv sena activists provoked the protesting Sikhs with the use of abusive slogans. They also attacked on Sikhs. Police brutally lathi-charged Sikhs. Four Sikhs sustained serious injuries and were admitted to Rajindra Hospital Patiala.

One Sikh was unconscious while three others were conscious but were under treatment at Emergency Ward of Rajindra hospital. A Patiala Police party visited Rajindra hospital yesterday evening and forcefully removed three Sikhs from the hospital. They were later taken to CIA staff Patiala.

They were falsely charged for attacking on Police and a case under section 307 was registered against them. They are now reported to have been sent to Ludhiana jail.

Sikh Siyasat is waiting for more updates on this issue.



  1. how the hell is RSS/Shiv Sena able to dictate terms in Punjab..?? Have sikhs become such cowards?

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