The Granth of Guru Gobind Singh USA book release

Gurinder Singh Mann (MA) and Kamalroop Singh (PhD) released their book ‘The Granth of Guru Gobind Singh’ at three separate conferences in the United States and went through their contributions along with other scholars.

Mann Sahib discussed the relics of Guru Gobind Singh and their relationship to the Granth of Guru Gobind Singh. While Kamalroop Singh discussed the textual history of the compilation.

Videos of both presentations are as follows:



ELT USA BOOK Launch image

The book

The Granth of Gobind Singh published by Oxford University Press contains the following:

  • First translations of apocryphal texts of the Dasam Granth
  • Focuses on the Sikh manuscript tradition, the relics of Guru Gobind Singh and their relationship with Sikh scripture
  • Brings to light the traditional practices of Sikh Sampradayas like the Akali Nihangs
  • Carries rare images of the Dasam Granth

The book can be ordered in India:

As well through Amazon in most countries

Also visit for photos and videos of other scholars.

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