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Lies of Gurdarshan Dhillon Rebutted about Sikh Scripture, Sri Dasam Granth

Vancouver, Canada: Prof. Gurdarshan Singh from India has been a professor of history with Punjab university. Sikh organizations around the world is now starting to invite him as a scholar to give lecture(s) on Sikhism so that our offspring remain attached to ...

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Akal Ustat Samagam unites Sikhs in Malaysia

Malaysia: “This semagam is not done by the SGGS Academy or any specific person. This semagam was made successful by Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj Himself. We are no one in making this happen. It’s Him who gave us the sewa ...

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The Line is Drawn – The Choice is Ours

Prof Darshan Singh Ragi is in the panthic dock for using derogatory remarks on the Jeevan and Banee of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. The case is simple and straightforward. He narrated a story which is claimed appeared in Sri ...

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