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Sikh Federation UK Condemns Misuse of Term “Asian”

London, UK: Ever since 9/11 and the term Islamophobia was invented, public bodies and the media in the UK have been reluctant to call a spade a spade. For reasons of excessive political correctness and possible claims of racism, the broader ...

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Bay Area Sikhs launch BART ads in Oakland, SF to remember pogrom

San Francisco, California: A nonprofit Sikh organization launched a BART poster campaign this month in hopes that a photograph of an elderly crying woman will spur mainstream riders to learn more about the massacre of people in India 25 years ago. The 20-poster, $10,000-campaign on BART stations in San Francisco and Oakland is spearheaded by the Fremont-based Ensaaf group, said co-director Jaskaran Kaur. Ads appeared Nov. 2, and will last a month. The campaign is in honor of the 25th anniversary of pogroms against Sikhs in India.

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