Sikhs were the reason for Pakistan’s defeat in 1971

1971_Indo-Pak_warChandigarh, Punjab: The other day I read an article on the book Crisis of Leadership, authored by Maj Gen Mukesh Khan of the Pakistan Army. The author speaks about his experiences during the 1971 war and makes a special mention of the bravery of Sikhs in the Indian Army.

He writes that Sikhs formed a formidable force and were the reason behind their defeat. On December 3, 1971, the infantry brigade of the Pakistani forces attacked the Indian Army near Hussainiwala border.

With their brigade comprising the powerful Punjab regiment and Baloch regiment, the Indian Army was forced to retreat. As the Pakistani Army reached near the Kausre-Hind post (Kasure), they were halted by a small segment of the Indian Army belonging to the Sikh Regiment.

With slogans of Bole so Nihal reverberating in the air, the Sikh soldiers went on the roof and persistently opposed them. The entire night they showered fire on Pakistani soldiers and it was on the following day when Pakistani tanks bombed the post that some Sikhs were martyred. The remaining brave soldiers then destroyed the Pakistani tanks. Fighting with great bravery, they marched forward and thus our Army lost its foothold, the author wrote in the book.

“Alas! A handful of Sikhs converted our great victory into a big defeat and shattered our confidence and courage. The same thing happened in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the battle of Jassur, the Singhs opposed the Pakistani Army so fiercely that our backbone and foothold were lost. This became the main reason for our defeat and Sikhs’ strength and safety and honour of the country became the sole cause of their victory,” the author records in his book.

Source: Lt Col S S Sohi (Retd)


  1. Dear Mr. Bilal Khawaja, the major problem of Pakistani people are studying all full of lyeing stories in their text books. Even they doesn’t know their countries actual history. Stupid people living in a Stupid country. The Country doesn;t have any agenda rather then thinking, preparing & implementing any damage to India. Thats it nothing else.

  2. Why you fool people do not read the neutral comments present over Internet. Mr. Bilal it’s not important for us to have details from fools like you. Rather you at your own end visit the and then give us your figures and facts.

  3. I wish Indra Ghandhi had more Reverence & respect for the Golden Temple

  4. It is the
    reality that the separation of East Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh is
    because of elaborate Indian conspiracy.  It’s
    true India played a big part in training the Bangladeshi army of liberation —
    the Mukti Bahini.  It’s also true Indira
    Gandhi finally ordered General Sam Manekshaw’s men to “liberate” East

    somebody of you tell me that is it respectful to do whatever Indian Army did in
    Bangladesh. Now, you tell when your own public is against you because of Indian
    conspiracy which I mentioned that they were prepared against Pakistan. Then how
    can you fight with your enemy. Reality is that it was no defeat at all because;
    it was the unethical Indian conspiracy.

    One more
    thing, about the bravery of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force & Pakistan

    War of 1965

    Army destroyed the most number of Indian tanks and winning the biggest ever
    tanks war in world history in 1965.

    Air Force not only destroyed the most number of Indian air planes in the air as
    well as the planes on the air bases. Everybody must not forget Pakistani
    fighter pilot M.M Alam’s world record.

    Alam is
    well-known for his actions during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 when he was
    posted at Sargodha. During this war he was involved in various fights while
    flying his F-86 Sabre fighter. He downed nine Indian fighters, six of them
    Hawker Hunter fighters of the Indian Air Force, in air-to-air combat. In
    another mission during this 1965 war was that 5 Indian fighters were downed in
    less than a minute by Alam, which explains his score with a special aiming and
    firing technique he developed. Alam’s confirmed kills are as follows:

    September 1965, 1× Hawker Hunter

    Leader Ajit Kumar Rawlley, No. 7 Sqn, KIA near Tarn Taran.

    September 1965, 3× Hawker Hunters

    Leader Onkar Nath Kacker, No. 27 Sqn, POW

    Leader Suresh B Bhagwat

    Officer Jagdev Singh Brar, No. 7 Sqn, KIA, near Sangla Hill.

    16, 1965, 1× Hawker Hunter

    Officer Farokh Dara Bunsha, No. 7 Sqn, KIA, near Amritsar.

    Navy damaged the Indian Navy a lot and forced them to run away.

    This is
    the history. Go and check. If you need more details on other wars, I will be

    Note: You
    must think twice before saying something, as everybody has his own respect.
    Never try to change history. Thanks

  5. is the auther a dreamer or wat? hussainiwala enclave was captured by the pakistan army and it fluttered its flag over qasr-e-hind fortress. and in 1971 there was no battle at jessore,the pakistani brigade under brig.makhmad hayat had left jessore for chalna on 6 december where the real fight was given. i dnt know wat the auther is tuking abt?

  6. Sudhirjaijee1

    First thing i would like to mention here, skihs are indian please stop saying that they dont belong to us, there is no doubt skihs done well in indian history, They are very close to us, i have lots of skihs frined we are sharing very gud relation ship with each other we are very gud frined, how can we foget bhagat singh who fought for freedom, There are few people who have dirty mind they always try to take advantage from commman peopel, Indian govt is doing eveything for skihs, they are having every rights as an indian, they can leave in india any where,

  7. Dear Sardhar Jis,

    We are all brothers, no government will remember a hero or heros who not think about the government.. government is the fruit of a apple tree grown in political drinage. Think about India.. the mother india…Live for india but not for indian government..think about india but not the indian government.. I am from Tamil Nadu but I know about the bravery and honesty of sikhs… We admire you all dear ones…

  8. Required: Name

    Sikhs have always been a marshal race its like the power to overwhelmed the opposition is in there blood the taste of victory is the utmost for the formidable fighters but in today’s changing scenario the sacrifices and duties carried by our predecessor are nothing but a myth of legends who are buried deep in the pages of history. I question every Sikh who patronesses his ligneous to his Believe for at lest once pay homage to the great sole’s who have given you the dignity you deserve when you say YOU ARE A SIKH
    jeet king


    Respected Rajes Jayaswal sahib, first i make clear that sikhism is totaly diffirent philosophy than Snatan mat. It is a foll fledged religion having its culture, language, Granth and Gurudawaras. It is a great injustice to ask two branches of the same tree.Those who became perfact from Hindu and Muslim communities became followers of Baba Nanak’s Philosophy, They were called Gursikh. Because in Sikhism Physical Perfactness , purity of mind, honest earning, believe and meditate on one GOD, to remain household, truthful living, having self respect, social equality,having equal respect and status to ladies, to sacrifice his life to defend the weak and non-violence of strongs and share their earnings with others. Actually a sikh takes birth from a mother. Sikhism is a global concept and based on principles. Those who will become perfact they will be gursikh. But the doors are opend for all people irrespective of any other religion.


    some people unnecessarily try to create differences between hindus and sikhs. if you visit gurudwaras you will find more hindus then sikkhs there. sikhs and hindus are two branches of one big tree. they can never be seperated.Every hindu respects sikhism.they consider sikh gurus as their own gurus. i as a hindu find no difference between vedantic hinduism and many families in punjab one brother is hindu and the other is sikh. Hindus salute the bravery of sikhs.Guru gobind singh said- dey shiva var mohe kaho subh karman se kabhoon na daro, na daro ari se phir jaye laro or lar kar apni jit karo.
    sikhs are the saviours of our religion and country.

  11. The Indian government broke all of their promises and forgot all about the liberties the Sikhs had essentially won for India. When Nehru was asked about creating a separate Punjabi state, he brushed it off by saying “Circumstances have changed now.” When China attacked India, it was the Sikhs who saved Nehru’s life but he still thought of Sikhs as his enemies and mistreated them. Sikhs fought bravely against Pakistan in the wars of 1965 and 1971, yet the Indian government paid no attention to Sikhs’ loyalty. When Pakistan army agreed to surrender, Hindu officers were sent to sign the negotiation instead of Sikhs. At this the Muslims of Pakistan refused to surrender saying that “brave people (Muslims) surrender only to brave people (Sikhs).” So Pakistan surrendered to the Sikhs, but Indian television did not show this on the television. They showed only hands. Sikhs were not shown on TV. Despite their heroism and valor Sikhs were not even dignified with credit for their labors.

  12. Sardar rules. We love sikhs.



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