Sikhs fired upon in Tilak Vihar, Delhi – Police supports Anti-Sikh group shown in video

Special report from Delhi following today’s incident where following an attack on Sikhs, Delhi Police have attended the scene and opened fire on members of the Sikh community. Many Sikhs have been reported as injured.


  1. Buy guns , pistols and use them for self defense. No use depending on Indian police. Kill policemen when they do injustice. That is what Sikhs are supposed to do.

  2. Gurpreet singh khalsa

    my message to all my sikh brothes.,sikho tyar raho himduwad nu mooh torh jawab den lai

  3. Gurpreet singh khalsa

    sikh hoon tayar han

  4. Jasvant singh

    Bakwas hai

  5. Do you know about tilak vihar?, many thieves and robbers live in tilak vihar, tilak vihari have been stealing electricity and water since 1984. Thely all are living in tilak vihar illegaly, ask to other colony people about 80gajj and tilak vihar, the answer will be that they all two groups people are thieve and robber, everyone fears from 805gajj and tilak vihar, you say that police attacked on sikhs, even sikhs attacked on police men, everyone hates tilak vihari and 80gajjie, when we pay the electricity and water bill then why tilak vihari don’t pay those, all criminals live in tilak vihar and 80gajj, nobody wanna go in tilak vihar at night time, tilak vihari come at our locality and steal your vehicle, everyone who live in tilak vihar mostly people have their own vehicle, how can they buy that,when they don’t job and work, they are builting their houses illegaly, who will save us from tilak vihari and 80 gajjie, police doesn’t take any action against them, everyone is happy in my locality by heard this news

  6. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
    Its very disgusting to see the face of Delhi Police again in 2013 almost after 29 years, how can they allow people to throw stones on Sikhs and when sikhs tired to respond, they opened fire on Sikhs. Who is answerable for such kind of Law & Order??

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