Sikhs build fan club on Chinese internet

China: The Chinese Youtube versions like youku. com and have seen thousands of downloads of a dare devil game by a group of Sikhs aired on Indian television channel ETV.

The show involves Sikh warriors being run over by a car and a motorcycle, hit by massive hammers, crashing on a bed of fluorescent tubes, and even eating tube light glass. A young Sikh pulls a car tied to a rope using his teeth.

The show’s performers called the Goja group have notched up a fan following going by comments on the Chinese internet.

Many viewers called it a sign of bravery while some called it a show of fake valor using modern technology.”India is indeed a mysterious place,” one comment said.

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  1. Ajmer Singh Randhawa

    How could she (Jagdish Kaur)question like this and accuse everyone who saw Amitabh LIVE on Door Darshan inciting Hindus to spill the blood of Sikhs by his hatred slogans KHOON KA BADLA KHOON?
    Just go to my blog I am trying to aware Sikh people for a long time but tirelessly i kept on doing my duty to sue against him one day. Chief Justice RS Narula too gave hints about Amitabh but being in judiciary he didn’t name him. 
    I did it when i knocked the doors of Delhi High Court. I had no money to hire the Lawyers. I approached Sikh lawyers there but no one helped me to file a PIL, then somehow i filed it with the help of some newly passed Law students (Sikh youths) who were not members of Bar Association. they helped me to prepare a draft then i filed it at my risk. The learnt judge Man Mohan Kumar just refused to hear it and without taking any action against me, my PIL was turned down. It was a prove in itself that i rightly knocked the doors of High Court becuase if i  had filed the PIL on false allegations, i would have been punished for misguiding and wastage the time of Court but here i was allowed to move swiftly fby a side without any action. I applied for video clips under RTI act but that request was also turned down by Door Darshan. the copy is pasted at Had the action been taken against me, media would have spread this news and the matter would have come in limelight and then the case against Amitabh Bacchan would have opened itself which i wanted. But they turned it down to save their skin only obeying their masters in high ups.Then i brought this matter on net and requested many Sikhs to help me financially or to cover up legal charges for revision file but all on deaf ears. I was not helped by any Sikh org. or any individual. There was only one way for me to keep chasing Amitabh and know his activities so that i may write to concerned authorities in every part of the world and successfully i did it. Mean while i met 2-3 times to famous LFHRI advocate Navkiran Singh in Supreme Court specially to  consult to file a case. I talked to HS Phoolka also but he also turned down my request in absence of concrete evidence like video. Navkiran singh ji suggested me to search a person who had lost any member of his family and that he may be produced in court and to level charges against Amitabh Bacchan but it was too risky. he could turn hostile, i couldn’t guarantee of a stranger. So i couldn’t do anything but continued my efforts. I came on net and made blogs and started writing against Amitabh. meanwhile i came in touch with Mai Harinder Kaur on ORKUT. She suggested me to act like BEE which always buzz but never go away. I was told to make buzz always, and that one day it will prove powerful enough to be heard by everyone and that’s what i did. Thanks to her for a good suggestion as i passed many sleepless nights but continued my mission.Two years ago on 1st Nov, i was called on Radio (Three radio stations) in Canada and performed a LIVE & TALK SHOW successfully. I disclosed all facts about involvement of Amitabh. Mr. Basota was the anchor. I remember his words as ‘ Singh sahb, the canandian Sikhs will wash your feets and drink the water’ on grand success of the programme.This programme was sheduled for one and half hour only but had to be continued for three hours and when clock showed 12.00 midnight, only then they stopped. there were continuous calls on receiving.So it’s a wrong allegation that no body tried. I also talked to Gurpatwant Sinfgh Panun (Sikhs for Justice) for one hour on phone in 09 but the circumstances did not help to register a case in India. Three years ago i approached Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad and requested him also. He assured me but never helped. I requested Gurmeet Singh Aulakh also and almost to every influential person but nobody bothered. There were many efforts made to get him booked but no success. Two years ago, Amitabh refused to receive the honorary degree of Doctorate by Queensland University, when i came to know i immediately wrote to University and now again when it was repeated by same university i raised my voice in time and sent them relevant documents of my case in Delhi High court and copies of some mails sent to different authorities in world. I wrote to Sikhs for Justice also on 17th morning and this time they took a timely decision and thanks God – a grand success is blessed by registration of the case though out side India. I sought help of WSC-AR & UK, they ignored my mails. WSC-UK was reminded but they did not take any action. But i am thankful to Sikhs from Europe, Canada, US and other part of world who supported me when Amitabh was invited by Oxford University and BBC TV ONE in May this year. A successful campaign was launched in UK and ultimately BBC was compelled to write me and asked the details about involvement of Amitabh. i was assured by BBC officials that whenever they invite Amitabh in future, the anchors shall question the relevant of 1984 from Amitabh. I have requested many times to Madame Taussade to remove wax statue of Amitabh or display a plaque below the statue to display as killer of humanity at both the wax museums in London and New York but the WSC UK or AR never raised any voice. Believe me a case is opened anywhere in the world, i can answer and face the cross examination as i have a very sharp memory and God gift capability to assume hidden secrets. Though i was not present at the place where this video clips were shot (No Sikh could be there in person as he would have been killed) but i watched all those shots aired intermittently continuously from 1st Nov to 3rd Nov. I can tell the world the exact place where video was shot. I had B&W TV so very difficult to tell the color of cloths worn by Amitabh but the visible color was Black Pant and White shirt in aggessive mood (in anger) while shooting.Please see my newly created blog & to read my statement, please view My regards and Guru fateh !

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