Sikh Student Federation to Burn Effigies of Darshan Singh in Punjab

darshan singhLudhiana, Punjab: Taking serious view of Ragi darshan singh’s blasphemic pronouncements for tenth Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sikh students Federation (Mehta) has decided to burn effigies of Darshan Singh tomorrow throughout Punjab. Parmajit Singh, president of the federation and Amarjit Singh Chawla patron of Sikh Students Federation have appealed to Singh Sahibans to give examplary punishment to Darshan.

Tomorrow effigy of Darshan Singh will be consigned to flames at Jagraon Bridge at noon in Ludhiana. Buring of effigies will be carried out throughout Punjab.

Following prominent members of federation are present: Paramjit Singh (president), Amarjit Singh Chawla (patron-in-chief), S Major Singh, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Gosha, Pavinder Singh Happy, Bhalinder Singh Sudhar, Khushjit Singh, Manjit Singh Ahuja, Jatinder Singh Sabharwal, Tarlochan Singh Manocha.

Source: Ajit Jalandhar (Punjabi)


  1. Rogue ragi darshan singh is caught on Video while telling a story that does not exist anywhere. Now he is trying to put blame on dr Jodh singh to save his skin. A confirmed liar does not realize that Jodh singh has already blasted him that he has not translated it as darshan is saying. To conceal one lie he is getting tarpped in other lies.

    Point to note is that when he delivered that balasphemic speech in Gurudwara he did not say that he is telling per Jodh singh’s translation. That time he was telling that he had read it himself. Lies ,lies and more lies. Shame on this heretic ragi.

  2. http://www.ptinews.c…ainst-Sikh-Guru

    * Protest against ‘derogatory’ remarks against Sikh Guru

    STAFF WRITER 19:53 HRS IST Ludhiana, Nov 19 (PTI) Students of a Sikh union today staged protests against the alleged “derogatory” comments of former Akal Takhat chief against 10th Sikh guru, Guru Govind Singh.

    Prof Darshan Singh had allegedly made some derogatory remarks against the Guru during his visit to the US and Canada two weeks ago.

    Activists of the Sikh Students Federation (Mehta) staged protest and burnt the effigy of Darshan here.

    SSF (Mehta) president Parmjit Singh Khalsa said, “His comments have hurt Sikhs across the world”.

  3. ex jathedar of akal takhat is not immune of summons if he indulges in blasphemy. Three banis of our nitnem and our ardas is from dasam granth sahib. Ragi had been cursing Dasam granth sahib in a very foul language for the last two years.He does not have inteelect to understand dasam granth banis that are full of metaphors. These banis he was singing all his life. Now he turns his guns on this bani. Shame on such an akirtghan character
    a stooge of anti sikh forces.

    My thanks to SSF for organizing this demonstration against this heretic.

  4. Thank God, khalsa paanth is waking up finally and is identifyng
    its enemies who are propagating against age old sikh traditions.

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