**Sant Dhadrianwale Speak-Up** Question Punjab Politics & Silence Of Leaders – Fake Encounters Admitted By Punjab Police Officer Surjit Singh

Patiala, Punjab: Speaking within a gathering of thousands of Sikhs during the 16th July 2013 Sangrand Diwaan at Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib.

Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale have spoken against the present politics and questioned the silence of political leaders in regards to the recent confession made by Punjab Police Officer Surjit Singh.

This is perhaps the most open and truthful Parchar done by any Parcharak in the current dangerous times when on the whole, Parcharaks have been forced to maintain silence as a result of pressure from anti-Panthic organisations.

Surjit Singh of the Punjab Police has of late made a public statement within the media admitting how he was involved in the mass murder of innocent Sikh youths across Punjab during the early 1990’s in fake Police encounters. Sant Dhadrianwale explain how this one officer alone has admitted killing 83 innocent Singh’s in fake encounters, how he has now openly declared the way in which he used to receive orders to murder by his superiors, how he used to fulfil those orders and how he was promoted for carrying out the inhumane murderous acts. Surjit Singh has told the world, openly, how after only a few murders he was promoted within the ranks.

Sant Dhadrianwale go on to question the current Government, who is supposed to be known as the “Panthic Sarkar”, about their silence in this matter. They ask where their statements are now and question why everyone is quiet on this issue? They said in 1997 the current Government was formed on the basis of their resolutions, of which a main one was the promise to look into the innocent murder of Sikh youth by fake encounters and bring to justice those responsible. Sant Dhadrianwale states now is the time when the murderers should be punished but the shocking fact is our leaders have not yet even given a statement on their thoughts about the information released by Surjit Singh, whether it was wrong and bad, whether they will do anything about it etc. Now all are quiet as they have their power seats and places of authority secured.

Sant Dhadrianwale have stated that no matter what any other person says, they will continue to speak the truth. They said they would rather do another 5 years of Parchaar instead of 10 years, or 2 more years instead of 5 more, or more 1 year instead of 2 more, or they would be ready to finish their Parchaar right now instead of 1 more year, but for however long they will do Parchaar, it will be based on truth.



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