Ragi Darshan Singh claims false Youtube Copyrights on the videos

In a desperate attempt, Ragi Darshan and his followers are flagging down YOUTUBE videos related to Darshan Singh’s pronouncement regarding Dasam Granth & Ninem Bani. They are claiming false copyrights for these videos. Most of the videos are of JUS Punjabi show. It seems that Ragi Darshan and his defensive confused followers have been trying to cover up their lies. They simply do not want to face the truth.

Below are the videos that were removed from YouTube by Ragi and his followers:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


All Videos can be seen @ http://www.SikhClips.com


  1. The above videos have opened my eyes. I used to like his kirtan.This man is a thug.He is rejecting Nitnem banis that are in sikh rehat maryada. he is a conman misguiding sikhs by projecting non issues.His main preaching is out of india where Dasam granth is hardly an issue.

    Wake up sikhs. Such agents are our enemies doing damage from within.

  2. teginder singh

    This fool’s face should be blackened and he should be seated on a donkey and paraded through streets of Punjab cities with shoes around his neck.

    Shameless akirtghan traitor. I am depressed to see his videos.Shame on his blind followers that still side with him.Get out of khalsa panth.

  3. Does anyone need more proof of this Guru Nindak’s anti-panthic views?

    Shame on those who are supporting him at this juncture. They are choosing mortal Darshan over their Guru.

  4. Watching above video i feel that Ragi is a crook. He is trashing sikh rehat maryda also.Who made him jathedar i am not able to understand.

    Such liars and crooks should have been weeded out earlier.God save sikhism from such double faced preachers.

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