Officer shot 12 times by Sikh temple shooter shares story

Wisconsin,USA:-Miraculously, the officer shot 12 times in the Sikh temple shooting survived. He is now sharing his story ahead of Happy Thanksgiving Day. The violence in Oak Creek, Wis. left six dead including the gunman. However, Officer Brian Murphy credits something more than luck in why he survived the deadly ordeal.

The Oak Creek officer sat down with WISN recently and shared his story of survival months after the violence shook up the close-knit community. In its Nov. 20 report, a writer says focus helped the police office survive his bullet wounds.

Lt. Brian Murphy said this after the man opened fire, striking him in the vocal cords.:

“It got quiet. It got very warm. Your eyes start getting a little bit heavy and I thought, ‘I’m not going out like this. I refuse to go out on a parking lot; not happening.'”

That’s when all his training and will to live kicked in, despite what looked like a certain end to his 21 years on the police force. Murphy focused on his beloved family and his breathing. Those two things alone prevented him from panicking.

“The shooter came around again and he fired a bunch more times. At one point — it was after he hit me in the back of the head — I just thought, is that not enough? Did you not shoot me enough times?”

After the officer was shot 12 times, Officer Sam Lenda arrived on the scene, exchanged gunfire with the Sikh temple shooter, who then committed suicide. The carnage was over.

Ironically, Murphy was fired on 15 times, but only three struck his bullet-proof vest.

On why the people at the Sikh temple were targeted, Lt. Murphy said, “I still can’t fathom why those particular people? Because the Sikh community, they’re just a very close-knit group of people who are extremely kind and generous. They forgave him immediately.”

Thankfully, the officer shot 12 times is alive to share his story of survival. It will likely lead to training opportunities for others who put their lives on the line in protection of life and property.

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