Muslim Sikh Clash in Uttar Pardesh

UP, India: Two Dead, 19 injured in violent clashes in Saharanpur – Several vehicles and properties set on fire

Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh: Two people have died and 19 others have been injured in violent clashes between Sikh and Muslim groups in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh today. The clashes broke out allegedly over construction on a disputed property.

Authorities imposed curfew in the region to bring the situation under control after two persons were killed and at least 12 others injured in the clashes between the two communities over a land dispute. The early morning violent clashes broke out around 5 a.m. Five policemen were reportedly injured as the two sides indulged in brick batting and arson. The Muslim mob also burnt shops and vehicles. People with swords ran after Sikh community while the Sikh groups indulged in stone pelting in protest as the city witnessed violence, a day after the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan.

The land dispute over a Gurudwara land in Saharanpur near railway station sparked off the violence. The Gurudwara is adjacent to a huge piece of land which the Sikh community has been taking care of for past so many years. The land has been under dispute has been in controversy for some time already. The land was to witness the ‘lintel’ being dropped today in order to pursue some construction work. The Muslim community alleged that the land belongs to them and there cannot be any construction. The Sikhs defended that the land is adjacent to their Gurudwara and is rightfully theirs since many years.

The talks between the two sides failed to reach any conclusion and violence broke out. Sikhs alleged that the violence seemed pre-planned as Muslims from Moradabad and Muzzaparpur were also called in numbers. Gun shots were fired on the Sikhs and people with swords ran after the Sikh community in the region. Shops belonging to Sikh community in Nehru Market were set on fire by the angry Muslim mob.

A witness in Saharanpur said that angry Muslim mob targetted shops owned by Sikh community. Traffic on the national highway connecting Ambala was thrown out of gear as protestors went on the rampage. District officials said curfew has been clamped in Saharanpur city. Over two dozen shops and vehicles were gutted. A dozen people have been arrested for inciting violence over the land dispute.
There’s massive security deployment in the area now. Personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) have reportedly also been called in.

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  1. Real Sikhs died in 80s and 90s to build us a homeland. We are all cowards and disgrace to Sikhism. We have to live in this pain forever.
    More than half the population is drug and alcohol addicts, Jats have the evil grasps of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and Punjab Poltics in their hands.
    Sikh boys are going bald every day and Sikh girls are eloping with Pakis in so called love Jihad (whose fault is it in the first place), going to clubs and looking for angels.
    People come to Gurudwara to indulge themselves in gossip and tryinhg hard to become next Gurudwara President to siphon Guru Golak.
    Which brothers are you calling for?

  2. Sikhs have not learned anything! No “house” no respect, others will control your destiny. Will get hammered left, right and centre.
    Wake up brothers. Thirty years and we seems to have forgotten 1984.
    Nobody owes anyone a living, and we will not get anything on a platter.
    This “acts” will not cease until we have ownership to a piece of “land” called homeland.
    Otherwise we will be reduced to being vagabonds, easy prey for anyone.

  3. Gurcharan Singh

    The news media is reporting incorrectly.NO SIKHS were killed.One MUSLIM and one Hindu Punjabi was killed.The identity of the alledged 3rd dead is unknown as yet.

  4. I am depressed that 2 Sikh brethren died. Muslims in that area planned the attack. They killed 2 Sikhs in cold blood. Israel took 1000 for losing 3. My blood is fuming. Enough of this Muslim torture. Wake up, we are fighters. I still haven’t forgotten 84.

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