Martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev observed

Gurdaspur, Punjab: The martyrdom anniversary of Guru Ar jan Dev, the fifth Sikh guru, was observed with traditional fervour at Gurdwara Singh Sabha here on Sunday.

Hundreds of followers paid their obeisance to the gur u and prominent preachers narrated the tales of guru’s life and unfolded details of how he was martyred by the Mughals on the order of Emperor Jahangir for alle gedly of fering shelter to Khusro, the rebel son of the emperor, and praying for his victory.

They narrated how the guru calmly accepted the torture in the form of the will of God.
F a mo u s ‘kirtani jathas’ enthralled the cong re g ation with ‘gurbani’, and urged the people to follow the teachings of the Guru and lead pious and meaningful life.

Langar (community kitchen) was served to the ‘sangat’ (gathering) after the ‘ardas’ (prayer).

The gur purb was also celebrated at the Gurdwara Masitwala, Ramgarhia Gurdwara, Gurdwara Baba Tehal Singh, Gurdwara Sangatpura in the town.

The reports of celebrating gurpurb also reached here from Ghoman, Tughalwal, Harchowal, Dhariwal, Babri Jeewanwal, Babri Nangal, Gurdas Nangal, Sohal, Naushehra Majha Singh, Dinanagar, Paniar, Goht Pokhar, Gahlari, Dorangla, Behrampur, Barth Sahib etc.

Source: HT

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