Jathedar issued Hukamnama from the Akal Takht, which was drafted and finalized by SAD’s core committee in Chandigarh

Amritsar, Punjab: Holding Mr. Badal fully responsible for the present mess within the Sikh community, the Dal Khalsa has termed the edict of the Akal Takht excommunicating the Sikh leaders of Haryana as unprincipled and declared it unacceptable to the community. Dal Khalsa head H S Dhami and spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh in their strong reaction said the series of developments starting from SAD’s core committee meet at Chandigarh last evening up till the declaration made by Takht Jathedar has imprint of Badals.

They said the Hukamnama released from the Akal Takht was drafted and finalized by SAD’s core committee in Chandigarh yesterday. They said the so-called resolution passed in the SGPC meet was also prepared on the instructions of Badal and executive members were compelled to sign on dotted lines. Blaming Parkash Singh Badal and Sukhbir Singh Badal for blatantly misusing the seat and seal of the Akal Takht to fix their adversaries, they fired a salvo against both father-son for making jathedar Akal Takht as their subservient and the SGPC as an extension counter of their ‘Akali Dal’. They felt Jagdish Singh Jhinda, Didar Singh Nalvi and third Sikh have been excommunicated arbitrarily and with no fault of them. Asking for their right to manage gurdwaras independent of Badals was no way a sin”, said they.

Dal Khalsa leaders said that Badals were unable to digest their moral defeat and in the desperation they were all set to destroy the supremacy and sanctity of august seat of jathedar of Akal Takht and the credibility of the SGPC. They said Senior Badal’s name would be written in the black words in the history of the premier institution, as it is under his leadership that the SGPC got fragmented. “Instead of further deepening the internal bickering, senior Badal should resign owing his failure to win the trust and confidence of Sikhs living outside Punjab”. They said a bad trend has been set by different Akali factions by seeking the help of BJP or Congress every then and now to settle their religious matters like management of their Gurdwaras.

Source: Punjab Sikh Sangat

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