India tells PM Harper that Canadian Sikh Diaspora is “extremist”

Ludhaina,Panjab: India has once again shouted it’s alleged concerns about so-called “Sikh extremism” in Canada.

According to media reports: “It’s the latest in a string of efforts by Indian authorities, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to press Ottawa to stay vigilant about Sikhs in Canada who favour the establishment of Khalistan”.

This time Preneet Kaur, India’s Minister of State of External Affairs is reported to have repeated India’s allegations against political activism of Canadian Sikh diaspora.

States Federal court for perpetrating the Sikh Genocide 1984, a series of widespread and systematic massacres of Sikhs carried in November 1984 throughout India.

She is reported to have made a complaint against Canadian Sikh diaspora to the visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a meeting at a hotel in New Delhi.

According to a news report by the ‘Globe and Mail’: Parneet Kaur said that Indian government was worried about the rise of “anti-India rhetoric” in Canada.

“I am from the state of Punjab, which we are very happy you will be visiting,” she said, speaking from notes in front of a group of dignitaries and media.

“We have after very hard times got a good situation of peace and progress back in Punjab and in India and we would like that to continue – so it does concern us,” Ms. Kaur said.

“I think we do appreciate very much that you have very been forthright and open about your stand on this,” Parneet Kaur told the prime minister during the meeting at the ITC Maurya hotel in New Delhi.

It is notable in 2010 the Canadian Sikhs had strongly opposed the Canada visit of Indian Minister Kamal Nath, who is considered to be a prime suspect of Sikh Genocide 1984. In June 2010 a petition was moved in Ontario Parliament to seek recognition for November 1984 killing of Sikhs as “Genocide” as defined in Article 2 of the UN Convention on prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Since then Indian authorities has repeatedly alleged that Sikhs in Canada are extremists, urging Canada to “curb” the “Sikh extremism”. Recently India has started accusing the Sikh diaspora for plotting to revive militant movement in Punjab. These efforts are being viewed as attempts by Indian State to contain political activism of the Sikh diaspora.

As the Canadian PM Stephen Harper is on a visit to India, many Sikh organizations have asked Mr. Harper to raise the issue of denial of justice to the victims of 1984 Sikh Genocide with the Indian authorities.

Source: SikhSiyasat


  1. India is a terrible country,always saying stuff against Sikhs in Canada. Manmohan, India’s attack dog against Sikhs, actually pulled Mr. Harper aside in a meeting in the U.S. just days after Sikhs protested against the mass murderer of Sikhs from his government who came here, Kamal Nath. It is funny who they always find attack dogs of Sikh origins to attack Sikhs. India is out to get Sikhs everywhere to keep its warcrimes against Sikhs coverered.

  2. I spend a lot of my time on the internet promoting awareness on the issue of the 1984 riots committed by Congress partymen which massacred thousands of innocent Sikh victims. I am not a Congress Party supporter, and am a vocal opponent of them. I agree with you that terrible crimes like the 1984 riots exposed the ugly face of the Congress Party, and I agree that they must face justice for what they have done. I think that the Congress Party are just Brown Sahibs who don’t represent India, and are simply just a bastion of corruption. I agree with what you have said, and that’s why I spend time to promote the truth about the 1984 riots and the perpetrators of those horrible acts.

  3. doesnotmatter

    Then find out who this person/persons are and
    take action against them but don’t malign the whole sikh community and bring it in bad light vis-a-vi other Canadian people. Sikhs are neither terrorists
    nor extremists; they are raising their families with hard work and honest
    living. Because of this they shine everywhere whereever they go. Now, look at
    the record of Indian establishment. The whole world is crying that justice be
    provided to indian citizens(sikh), who were massacred in 1984 in thousands. It has been 28
    years that these people lost their every thing. Sikhs are not even allowed to
    establish a memorial in their memory in Delhi as proven by Mrs. Sheila Dixit, the Chief
    Minister of Delhi The civilized world has to help Sikhs in their grievances
    towards Indian Govt. (Congress in particular), instead of stamping them as
    extremists and terrorists.

  4. No, you are mis-stating things again. The Indian govt is warning that there are Sikh extremists in Canada who are espousing the rhetoric of violence and militancy. As shown by the 9-11 attacks, the civilized world needs to be on guard against fundamentalist groups who would commit terrorist attacks in furtherance of their radical agenda. It’s unfortunate that some who settle in Canada couldn’t care less about that land, other than to opportunistically see it as a platform from which to launch attacks against others. Foreign policy in Canada and in other civilized countries is conducted by the state, and if you want to influence policy you do it at the ballot box, not by taking a gun into your own hands and demanding the world revolve around you.

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