India imposes ban on Kaum De Heere – a Punjabi film on life of Sikh martyrs

New Delhi, India: Much awaited Punjabi movie Kaum De Heere could not get released today as the Indian government yesterday imposed last minute ban on début movie of Punjabi lyricist-turned singer -cum actor Raj Kakra. The movie Kaum De Heere is said to be based of events related to assassination of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. According to Ravinder Ravi, the writer cum director of the movie, Kaum De Heere is based on real life events and true story of Bhai Beant Singh, Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh. Former duo had assassinated the then Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984 while Bhai Kehar Singh was convicted and sentenced to death for motivating Bhai Beant Singh to sacrifice his life to punish Indira Gandhi, who had launched bloody army attack against the Sikh nation in June 1984.

The movie was earlier banned by CBFC back in January this year, after which it was released in other parts of the world on March 14. Kaum De Heere was cleared by CBFC after the makers of the movie made some changes in it. It was set for release today (i.e. August 22, 2014). The decision to impose ban was jointly taken by Information and Broadcasting Ministery (I&BM), Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after watching a special screening of the movie. CBFC chairperson Leela Samson said that after watching the movie they (allegedly) realized that this movie may lead to law and order problem, as the assassins of former Indian Prime Minister have been ‘glorified’ as heroes in this movie. It is notable that Hindutva bodies like Bhartiya Janta Party and Shiv Sena were demanding ban on the movie along of Punjab Youth Congress.

Earlier in 2012-13, a Punjabi movie Sadda Haq was banned in northern parts of India. The state governments of Punjab, Jammu and Kahsmir, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi had taken a plea that the movie may lead to law and order problems as it was based on events related to assassination of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh. Threat of so-called communal harmony was yet another plea. Sadda Haq movie was screen in these states after it was cleared by the Supreme Court of India. The peaceful screening of Sadda Haq had made it evident that there was no real apprehension or threat of violence and the pleas was taken by the state governments just to keep the moive out of public domain.

Source: PunjabiSikhSangat.Org

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