Hooliganism by Supporters Of Ragi Darshan Singh At Jus Punjabi Tv Studio

RagiDarshanSinghNew York, NY: JUS Punjabi TV aired Mudda programme today. The hosts were Mr Riar, Gurcharanjit singh Lamba and Mr Bhamra. Ragi darshan singh was on the phone to give clarification for his blasphmeous remarks against Guru gobind singh ji.There were also 15 to 20 of his supporters inside Studio who were allowed as a courtesy.

Ragi darshan singh could not show the verses being form dasam Granth that he had quoted in his lectures at various Gurudwaras. He was repeatedly asked by Mr Riar and Mr Lamba to point the lines in dasam Granth that Guru Gobind singh had gone to a prostitute. Failing to do so his supporters felt humbled and started abusing Mr Lamba in the studio itself while the programme was on.

After the programme these people abused the hosts in foul language for exposing Ragi Darshan singh for his lies. They created a violent scene inside the studio and threatened Mr Lamba not to speak against their propaganda in future. They held the staff at ransom for sometime and left hurling dirty abuses.

This was the shameful act committed by supporters of a heretic ragi who prides himself as Ex jathedar of Akal Takhat. It is a pity that sikhs have to suffer at the hands of such thugs who want to change sikh scriptures by adopting high handed acts.

Source: Inder Singh

Video proof showing Darshan Singh doing Ninda of Guru Gobind Singh ji

Audio file of Programme will soon be available


  1. Gurinder singh

    Darshan ragi is a singer of hymns. he is not philosopher. he can sings gurbani but has no intellect to interpret it.

    He tried to interpret dasam granth. he made a mockery of himself.His silly followers instead of defending this bozzo should accept reality.The reality is indicated in the video below.

    He was called to explain his view point he failed.


  2. Inder paji you are right darshan singh no good man

  3. Do not write nonsense here without knowing. The nonsense this midget illeterate darshanu said is not from dasam Granth. He could not show that where in dasam granth this is written.This is bakwas of this 4 feet tall ragi darshan lal.

    darshan ragi does not even know the name of the bani. he was corrected repeatedly by Host that it is not chalitra but charitra. Lamba is not a sell out like ragi. It is shame that you are supporting a rogue two penny ragi even after watching video where he is speaking filth against Guru sahib.This shows your credentials for not being a sikh even. You are not a sikh of Guru sahib but a follower of heretic ragi.

  4. You posted a video showing Gurnindak Jeonwala propagating against Dasam bani. You may not be knowing but Jeonwala is an excommunicated person for spreading blasphemy against Guru nanak Dev ji and Guru Arjan dev ji when he supported Inder Ghagha for his book where these derogatory remarks are recorded. That may be the reason for deleting that post., I support management for taking the correct action.

    If not aware see below


    Sikh missionary excommunicated
    for blasphemous writings
    Varinder Walia
    Tribune News Service

    Amritsar, October 22
    Taking strong and suo-moto exception to the alleged blasphemous writings and statements by Prof Inder Singh Ghagha, an alumnus of Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana, Akal Takht today directed the Sikh sangat to stop him forthwith from carrying out his religious activities all over the world.

    In a directive issued on the letter head of Akal Takht, the Jathedar also took similar action against Prof Ghagha’s associates, including Mr Gurcharan Singh Jeeonwala, Mr Manjit Singh Sahota, Mr Karamjit Singh Gill, Mr Amandeep Singh Kang, Mr Gurmit Singh , Mr Parminder Singh Parmar, Mr Jasbir Singh Mangat and their associates.

    The development is considered unprecedented since Prof Ghagga and his associates were not given an opportunity to clarify their respective positions.

    Finding the remarks too obnoxious, the Akal Takhat this time directed the Sikhs not to allow Prof Ghagha and his associates to speak from any gurdwara or panthak stage.

    Earlier, one Bhag Singh of Ambala was also excommunicated on the same grounds for writing against ‘benati choupai’ and ‘ardas’. However, he had presented himself before the Akal Takht and sought forgiveness. Later, Mr Gurbax Singh Kala Afghana was excommunicated from the Sikh panth for the same reasons.

    Of late, many petitions had been pouring in against Prof Ghagha, He and his group had been indulging in blasphemous writings against the Sikh ideology and ‘gurbani’, they allege.

    Interestingly, Ghagha claims himself to be associated with missionary colleges but the Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana, declared that he was not associated with the institute. The same statement had come from Gurmat Gian Missionary College where Ghagha was teaching. Mr Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba, editor of the community journal Sant Sipahi, criticsed these statements saying that merely saying that he was not associated with them had no meaning unless these institutions condemned the writings of Ghagha and Kala Afghana.

    Prof Ghagha who had been an ardent supporter of cop-turned- Sikh scholar Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana, is presently in Canada. His speeches there triggered physical clashes between rival groups and the atmosphere was getting surcharged.

    Ghagha started with casting aspersions against the ‘bani’ of Guru Gobind Singh and then came down to passing adverse remarks on the ‘bani’ and history of all the gurus.

    The Akal Takhat directive has also given a stern direction to Sikhs not to cooperate in any of the seminars and conventions organised by Ghagha and his asso

  5. when sikh community was facing worst ordeal of their existence this shameless ragi was making money by singing Dasam granth bani. Video is below


  6. Darsahn singh Ragi was not in india. he is in Canada. he was asked by JUS Punjabi to come to studio but he refused. hence interview on phone.

    Ragi singing bani of Dasam granth in film Nimmo

    http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=FXFKi9R3Ar8&feature=related

  7. Darshan singh is a matriculate and not a professor. This professorship is a fake attachment with his name. He does not understand that charitras are not written in first person. They are written in third person style wherein a Minister is reciting the tales to a his King.

    At beginning of charitra it is written that minister started reciting tale to his king. At the end it is also written ” Mantri -Bhup sambade” i.e. dialogue between minister and his king. Darshan singh need to go to school before commenting on bani of tenth master and improve his intellect.

    He is not heera but a thug who has sold himself to anti sikhs. A few years when sikhs were suffering immense atrocities in 1984 this so called fake heera was singing Dasam Granth bani ina Film Nimmo and making money.
    Heeras do not do like that.

    On TV he was not even able to read verses from Dasam Granth leave aside understanding those. He failed to answer any question regarding these charitras. You will find the video on the net in a few days where this gurnindak will stand exposed further.

    See a penny foolish ragi singing from dasam granth in the following video in 1984

    http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=FXFKi9R3Ar8

  8. Pro Darshan is not dong the ninda of guru ji he was telling us one of the chriter from the dasam granth. On jus punjadi mudda he said that burn that aslil granth who tell us bad chriter of guru ji and he also said burn that mouth who says bad about guru ji. Prof Darshan ji is a heera for sikhs. Later On jus punjabi he will come with all the answers and all the proofs. So if are gurumukh then we have to wait for his live interview on mudda with mr. riar. I am also one of u but i read the Dasam Granth so know this granth is not good for us. Go read it. On mudda that day when prof was on the phone from India riar and lawer lamba didnot let him talk that much.

    Waheguru ji, Dasam Granth is a poision for us. The Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba also had said that the every word of Dasam granth is Guru Gobind Singh, at that time why global sikh news did not do any thing about that. lamba and Jus punjabi chneel r RSS supporter. Jus Punjabi is doing all that stuff for getting publicity. Later on u people are going to see the real face of gurcharnjit singh lamba. I want all the vewers to read the dasamgranth in front of their kids,sisters and parents. Prof Darshan ji is trying to aware us that GURU GRANTH SAHIB is our guru we do not have to follow the false stories that are cutting our roots. I want all the vewers to go to JAGO KHALSA.COM.

  9. singhkhalsa

    Remove singh and khalsa both from your name before you utter trash for Dasam granth. This phoney prof. darshan singh also does not know a word about Dasam granth. bani of dasam granth is a great philosophical work of my spiritual father Guru gobind singh who apart from being our Guru was a literary giant. Ignorant persons who are devoid of gurmat living and made money by singing bani from handwritten paper in front of them cann’t fathom the greatness of this bani which is full of metaphors and myths. Ragi darshan a fake professor falls in that category.

    On Yesterday’s show When confronted on his inability to understand framework of Charitropakhayan this midget scholar knew nothing what to to say> he was floundering for words amd was amde to look like a great fool.

    You are not a sikh but enemies of khalsa panth who have sold themselves to anti sikh forces.

  10. This so called fake professor( How can 8th or 10th grader can become a professor) has committed blasphemy far graver than sacha sauda chief. Sacha sauda chief is not a sikh but this traitor ragi was made Jathedar of akal takhat.
    First of all he failed to prove his statement that his words are written in dasam granth. How come he could dare to use such type of degrading language for Guru sahib.

    I earnestly wish akal takhat rise to our expectations and send this fake charlton out of panth for saying such dirty things for my Guru who has given everything for this panth.

  11. Prof. Darshan Singh need to be taken out of sikh panth. Akal Takht should taken strict action against him for using foul language against Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee.. He is much more dirtier than Ram Rahim.

  12. Gurinder singh

    Darshajn singh is a shameless character. He is not doing kirtan now. All he does is propaganda gainst bani of tenth master to mislead ignorant sikhs.

    I had watched the programme. When asked to show page numbers of Dasam Granth where it is written as alleged by him that Guru gobind singh went to a prostitute, he had nothing to show. He was dumb founded and trying to wiggle out of this self created situation by changing the subject.

    This shows that he is not only a gurnindak but a habitual liar , conman and dramatist. It is a pity that such low character men were given the post of akal takhat jathedar in the past.

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