Hindu Council of Kenya Protests Removal of Sikh Monument

sikh-monumentKenya, Africa: The Hindu Council of Kenya has written a protest letter to the Kisumu county government over the removal of a monument erected by the Sikh community. “We wish to point out that the new constitution upholds the fundamental rights and dignity of all races and groups of persons,” the Hindu Council said.

The Council also said that authorities have the moral duty to protect all races and ethnic communities that are being unfairly targeted. The monument was pulled down on Saturday following three days of protests by Kisumu residents who said it portrayed Kisumu as a haven Kisumu as a haven of idol worshipers

It monument was removed on Saturday following a meeting between former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Sikh community on Wednesday. Addressing the crowd on Saturday, Raila said the Sikh community had agreed to remove the monument and build a water fountain. Raila said they will erect a statue of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga on Oginga Odinga Street.

His attempt to convince the residents that the monument is a sign of peace among the Sikh community was ignored by the crowd. Sri Guru Sabha Chairman Charjeet Hayer said they erected the monument to commemorate 100 years of the Sikh community living in Kisumu. Hayer said the monument has nothing to do with religion and appealed to Christians and Sikh community to live in peace and harmony.

Source: The Star

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