Highly biased Media ignoring plight of Sikhs in Punjab

Batala, Gurdaspur: PTC News, which is a news outlet in Punjab, is not covering news in any detail regarding Bhai Balwant Singh ji Rajoana or Shaheed bhai Jaspal Singh ji. All media outlets investors are from different political parties. For example, Majority stakes of PTC Channels is owned by Sukhbir Badal.

Grandfather of Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh ji was complaining that PTC news channel was not covering the events that transpired in Gurdaspur.

“The Sikh Panth should get together to form a Sikh channel in Punjab that could air news regarding panthic issues as well as doing parchar of Gurmat. This is the farz (duty) of the SGPC, they have more than enough money to take up this project. I have heard that it was a wish of Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale that the Sikh panth had a media outlet.” said Osingh, forum member of SikhSangat.com

Instead of covering important events in Gurdaspur, Badal Government detained the UK Tv Channel “Sikh Channel” team for four hours and then later released. This is open attempt to intimidate reporters.

Look at the west, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by neighbor hood watch volunteer. Not only governor but president of United States issued press release and had Federal body took over the case.

As per Sikh Channel reports, neither Parkash Badala nor Sukhbir Badal took their time to come to Gurdaspur or see Bhai Jaspal Singhs family. Famous Majha region Majithia family did not contact Bhai Jaspal Singh’s family.

One thing that Sikh community didn’t learn from history is to have a panthic based Sikh Channel running non-biased news 24/7.

As per unconfirmed sources, SGPC is currently paying between 1 to 2 crores per year to PTC for broadcasting of live gurbani programs from Sri Harmander sahib. As usual business structure, it should be the TV channel paying royality fees to SGPC for letting them to use broadcasting rights.

Media in Punjab should cover all events and should not act like an obedient slave of politicians. They should represent all with total un-biased mindset.


  1. Why can’t we create an umbrella organization for Sikhs outside of India that could pool our resources and begin such a project?  It is clear that most of India’s Sikhs are too indoctrinated and embattled with India’s institutional structures to pull something like this off.  We need to start thinking outside of the box.

  2. absolutely right, sikhs should have their autonomous channel which delivers truthful, bold nad correct news to sangat.othewise what is the meaning of freedom of press in our constitution.Sangat’s daswand should not be laundered in any case.Siks community’s own independent, autonomous press and t.v. channel is needed.

  3. Sandhubunty61

    Shame on PTC News…

  4. To get Prakash singh badal at gurdaspur tell him he has to inaugurate saheed Jasbir singh ceremony and he will be garlanded you will find him there in case u wish to invite Sukhbir badal offer him Rs 3 crores or so he will happily visit gurdaspur they are just after money ready to collect all offerings from Golden temple

  5. @f6d58897a7244731118e1c24f5193134:disqus
    jekar akalidal eh sab kujh hoya hunda tan PTC news ne 24 hours  lokan da sir kha laina c…kyonki eh sab sarkar de hak vich nahi  is layi…ptc nu koi interest nahi shame on this channel…request to all sikhs to stop watching this channel….and give your support to sikh channel who covered all gurdaspur kaand. Thanks.


  6. Very nice to read about
    Highly biased Media ignoring plight of Sikhs in Punjab! I’m really pleased to read about it. Really i was looking forward to read about it. Thanks!!!

  7. Badal Is RSS Tout

    SGPC members are the tout of badal, they are eating sangat’s daswandh. Avtar Makkar spend corores of rupee for car pertol. Now they are paying 2 crore to Badal’s channel? sale masands

  8. Meray veer dasmesh, Did PTC did any coverage on the funeral of Shaheed bhai jaspal singh? Call and ask around as they did not cover that most important of Punjab at this moment.

  9. @Dashmesh:disqus , mei sara din TV agge hi si, mei khud dekha PTC news ne koi khabar cover nahi kiti, bas ena hi likya si Gurdaspur vich Curfew, Do Gutta vich takrar
    agle din ja ke keha ek Halak, Punjab Police bare te ek sahbad nahi kadya ke Ona ne Goli mari

  10. Well I watch PTC News, and they are covering news about the shaheeds and doing a good professional job to. This post seems like its been posted by someone from sikh channel as they have a habit of posting here about other news channels  

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