Half term sees Badal govt talk big only

badalsChandigarh, Punjab: The Parkash Singh Badal-led SAD-BJP government has completed half of its five-year tenure. Badal and his cabinet ministers took oath on March 2, 2007, 30 months ago at a cricket stadium in Mohali. However, there is no word from the government on initiating any exercise to take stock of its performance or non-performance during the period.

A look at the performance of the government reveals it has failed to make any difference to the dipping fortunes of Punjab. Since its taking over the reins of the government, the SAD-BJP leadership, especially Sukhbir Badal, has only been talking big. Badal Junior has been talking about expressways, metros, airports etc, forgetting in the process to address the basic concerns of people like bringing about drastic improvement in the functioning of schools, colleges and universities, health services and water supply etc. Though being signs of development, expressways and airports cater to hardly 5 per cent of the people.

Actually, the state has gone down further on various fronts. Its economy is in a shambles. Its educational institutions are in a bad shape. Its health services have become almost non-existent in the countryside. Its urban life, marred by shabby sanitary conditions, traffic hazards and poor infrastructure, has become more chaotic and lousy.

For the past about two decades, procrastination, half measures, expediencies at the political level have pushed Punjab down from a No. 1 state to the last one among main states in the country. Punjab’s rural and urban economy sustain on agriculture that is known as an economy of medieval period in the developed world. In developed countries only 5 to 10 per cent people do agriculture, while others work in factories, service sector and other new modes of economy. There is no effort to give new direction to the agriculture sector. Unfortunately, the Badal government is promoting paddy in the state at a huge cost to its environment, land and water resources, its industrial sector and over-all well-being of the state.

The time has come to link Punjab’s agriculture sector to the requirements of the middle-class that has the paying capacity and needs fresh vegetables, organic foodgrains, quality milk and milk products, etc.

It goes to the credit of Sukhbir that he has made power a major issue in the state.

At the political level, Punjab has witnessed a lot in 30 months. It has seen the emergence of Badal Jr to the centre-stage politics and becoming a most powerful politician. His elevation to the post of Chief Minister appears to be not very far. But Badal has not become irrelevant as yet. With his passion for politics, he has maintained his unmatched persona of people’s politician. In fact, he is far ahead of Sukhbir as far as acceptability among people is concerned.

Love-hate relationship between the SAD and the BJP, coalition partner in the state government, has also remained in the limelight. The state has been rocked more than once by politico-religious strife. However, there is an improvement in the overall political atmosphere, as the level of crudity among politicians with regard to taking on their opponents has gone down a bit. But what has saved the SAD-BJP government is severe divisions in the Congress. Had there been no division in Congress ranks, certainly the SAD-BJP would have faced a tough time.


  1. very good article By Azaad Ji, Thanks

    Badal is corrupt and is filling his pockets in exchange for keeping Punjab in a struggling state. He is a horrible leader for Punjab, because he only cares about his bank account.

    Farmers in Punjab are going bankrupt because the government refuses to buy their crops. If you go around Punjab, you will see police road blocks put up on every road so that nothing can be taken out of Punjab.

    Badal needs to be replaced by someone who will be loyal to Punjab and their people.


    Respected Gurdip ( ? ) je, Raj Krega Khalsa is said in GLOBAL CONCEPT. Which means that POUR AND PERFACT people rule over the earth and it can not be limited to a very smallar portion of Globe.NOW no body is demanding and no body is giving the Khalistan according your thought.Yes one thing money can be collected from sikhs all over the world. This is only an excercise. Truck loads of money goes in the KHAZANA of SGPC but not comes out. IF you want the money again to come out then why you put it in?. YES one thing is must that to take a round of the globe for an aeroplane, a run way for flight is needed.

  3. As usual from ashes “THE PUNJAB” Shall rise to lead the world to led the world to its destiny.

  4. When will we learn – I believe those who demand Khalistan and those who consider punjab a ‘Sikh State’ should review their strategies. Guru Gobind Singh and his predecessors gave us Akal Takth – OUR OWN PARLIAMENT. Apparently truck loads of money goes into the Akal Takth and yet we cannot develop our streets, education, and society in general. We Sikhs should take command and establish not an independent state – but become self-reliant through our own finances. We Sikhs could make a Khalistan within India – and what will the government do about that? This is a more viable solution – don’t understand why no body else ever speaks of this!

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