Gang ‘kicked Sikh lawyer’s turban off his head outside St Paul’s Cathedral after they made sexual comment to his wife’

UK: A gang kicked a Sikh lawyer’s turban off his head in a ‘ferocious’ attack outside St Paul’s Cathedral, a court heard.

Rashvinder Singh Panesar and his wife Sundeep Kaur were on their way home from a meeting of the Society of Asian Lawyers in the City of London when they were set upon.

Luxmanan Mahendran, 28, and two other men allegedly shouted ‘let’s kick his turban off’ and ‘kick it away’ as they kicked and punched Mr Panesar in April last year.

‘They approached him, pushed him, he was punched and fell to the ground.

‘While on the ground he was punched and kicked by all three of the assailants.

‘He tried to defend himself by punching back but it didn’t have any effect..

‘The assault was so ferocious that his left contact lens popped out of his eye following one of the kicks to his head.

‘During the course of the assault the turban on his head was kicked off.

‘He suffered swelling and bruising, mainly to his head and face.’

The alleged attack was partly caught on CCTV and two eye witnesses described seeing the victim on the ground being kicked by three men, the court heard.

Mahendran was arrested at the scene and told police that Mr Panesar attacked him and his friends as they got out of a taxi.

Mahendran, of north London, denies a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Source: WWW.DailyMail.Co.UK

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