Former I-T Chief Commissioner joins AAP

Amritsar, Punjab: Former Indian Revenue Service official SJS Pall today joined the AAP. While citing the reason for joining the party he said its ideology was a reflection of the holy message contained in the Guru Granth Sahib.

He was initiated into the party during a meeting held here today. While addressing the party members he said Gurbani stresses on the harmony among various communities, ensures involvement of people living in the society, answerability of people in power, uprooting corruption.

He said all these objectives have been adopted by the AAP which needs to be supported.

Pall, who retired as Income Tax Chief Commissioner, said the AAP was earnestly following its policies after formation of its maiden government in Delhi. He said the current dispensation at the national capital has become a laboratory of democracy and its success would be a prototype which would be emulated in other states of the country. He hoped that it would bring a peaceful revolution and subtle changes to raise living standard of the citizens of the country.

He said the Gurbani espoused the ideology of “Manas Ki jaat Sabhe Ekae Pahichanbo” as per which all divisions on the basis of caste, colour, creed, religions and race were not to be followed.

“Similarly, the AAP’s ideology of patriotism, affable language, no malice against any person is reflection of the Gurbani,” he said.

Pall said people would continue to support the AAP as long as its leaders pursued the aforementioned ideology. A slight deviation from the path would earn the wrath of people and its fall would be a certain fact like other political parties.

Among others, DS Juneja, TS Kolkatta, Narinder Walia and Ashok Talwar, chief convener of the district unit of the AAP gave their views on the subject and endorsed the ideology of the party.

Source: The Tribune

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