Extra time on Sikh land

PROPONENTS of Tasmania’s first Sikh Temple will have to wait another month before they know if they have the land to build it on.

Australia, victoria: The Glenorchy City Council was supporting a proposal to dispose of a corner of the Chapel St Reserve so a temple can be built on the site.

But after a raft of submissions, both for and against the proposal, the council has decided to push back a decision to February and hold a public meeting in the Glenorchy Civic Centre.

In a letter to residents, Glenorchy City Council general manager Peter Brooks said a report expected to be handed over to councillors on Monday will be pushed back to February 12.

“There have been a number of issues and submissions for and against the proposed land disposal and it will require a longer period to properly investigate all the issues,” he said.

“By moving consideration, adequate time will be available for officers to review all public comments received on the proposal and to document these for consideration by council.”

Glenorchy mayor Stuart Slade said some residents were concerned about additional traffic.

The council was expected to allow the 2000sqm temple to be built on a 9000sqm of land that will be used for a 72-space carpark and gardens surrounding the temple.

Tasmania’s small Indian Sikh community have been working on plans for a temple in Hobart for more than three years.

Last year the local Sikh community was left devastated after the Hobart City Council decided not to let a temple be built in South Hobart after community opposition.

Sikh spokeswoman Surinder Mahindroo told the Mercuryat the time that some in the Sikh community were leaving the state because they had nowhere in which to worship.

Source: Themercury News


  1. Yes. All comments goes thru moderation process.

  2. Philip Eldridge

    Have my comments above been moderated and published?

  3. A number of points in this article need clarification.

    The Sikh community need to understand that many Tasmanians do not want to lose public open spaces or parks which are for all community members to enjoy.

    The “corner” referred to in this article would result in the local community losing 26% of the Chapel Street Reserve, Glenorchy, Tasmania. This is also the flatter more accessible part of the reserve.

    There was community opposition to the proposed Sikh temple in South Hobart because the South Hobart community did not want an imposing built structure on public land, resulting in a loss of public open space.

    The Hobart City Council called for expressions of interest for the South Hobart site. There was stronger community support for a community garden option presented by the South Hobart Sustainable Community.

    Residents in the neighbouring South Hobart properties also did not want any large built structure looming over their properties given a number of them live in townhouses on small blocks and would lose sunlight if any large structure was built nextdoor.

    Claims the Sikh community have nowhere to worship in Tasmania are incorrect given they have a place at Lauderdale, in Tasmania. I acknowledge the Lauderdale site mightn’t be ideal but many religious groups have started out in Tasmania in places that have not been ideal until they fundraise to buy private land to develop something more suited to their needs.

    The Sikh need to find private land to buy in a suitably zoned area and then build their temple.
    To try and take over parks and public land just gets local community members offside.

    I wish the Sikh community all the best but could they please stop trying to take away our parks and public reserves.

  4. Philip Eldridge

    The ‘corner’ of the park referred to in the report amounts to over a quarter (26.1%) of the total area. It will take up most of the flat area used particularly by older and disabled people, children playing, and people gathering to socialise.
    Three petitions were lodged against the building development totalling 735-740 signatures. Only 208 signatures were lodged in favour. We would be surprised if submission did not reflect a similar balance against this development.
    Local park users oppose ANY building on this long established recreational reserve. Compared with Hobart there is far less recreational space available in Glenorchy.
    We keep repeating to anyone who will listen that we support building a Sikh temple in Glenorchy, whether on private land, or genuinely unused state or council property – but without intrusion into this well loved and used community public space. Instead of lobbying politicians who don’t live in this area, the Sikh community would be better advised to seek help from local residents. Persisting with their application on this site can only leave one or other party bruised and resentful, risking negative consequences for community relations.

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