Dutch couple sets example of honesty at Golden Temple

Amritsar, Punjab: For Leny Rusticus and Will Pleizier, an elderly couple from Holland, their maiden trip to the Golden Temple will be always an affair to remember.

Setting a precedent for others, the couple proved that honesty is the best policy.

During their visit to the temple, the Dutch couple stumbled upon an abandoned brown-coloured wallet at the staircase around 2 pm.

Though they could not trace its rightful owner, they approached the Golden Temple information centre, situated on the premises.

It was a big surprise for Jaswinder Singh, chief information officer, when the couple walked in with the wallet.

The couple narrated the entire sequence of events to Singh, who lauded them on their honesty.

“We felt concerned that somebody had dropped his wallet. We inquired from pilgrims in the temple complex about the information centre. Its owner must be worried,” said the couple.

Pointing towards a case of pickpocketing, they said, “The wallet carried a government issued photo identification and visiting cards. There was no money. It seems to be a case of pickpocketing where someone took the money and threw the wallet.” After a pause, the Dutch couple, said, “It’s surprising that somebody could do such a thing at the Golden Temple. It is a lesson for all of us that we need to be more careful of our belongings, especially at crowded places.”

The information officer said, “We will trace the wallet’s owner through the government photo identification card. We will do the needful at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, on their overall experience in the holy city, they said, “The city has huge surprises for tourists but beggar menace needs to be tackled.”

They said auto drivers fleeced them by charging high fares. Rusticus further said, “Traffic needs to be streamlined.

Source: HT

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