Dera Radha Swami illegally occupies panchayat land and destroys Sikh Gurudwara

Beas, Punjab: The Akal Takht has directed SGPC to form a three-member committee to probe into the land dispute between Sikh community and the followers of Dera Radha Soami sect in a village in Beas in this district.

A meeting of the five Sikh head priests was held here to discuss the tension prevailing between the two sides over the land dispute in Warrach village.

Following the marathon meeting, SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar was directed to form the committee to probe the matter and submit the report within a week’s time before the Akal Takht.

SSP Amritsar Pritpal Singh Virk said the disputed piece of land, belonging to the Panchayat, was sold to Dera Radha Soami sect without obtaining the mandatory approval from Director of Panchayats of Punjab Government.

The tension mounted further after members of Dera Radha Soami sect allegedly destroyed a section of the one-room gurudwara existing on the land.

Heavy police force has been deployed to avoid any untoward incident on the disputed piece of land, Virk said, adding that both communities have been asked to remain away from the land for a week so that facts can be verified.

Deputy Commissioner (Amritsar) has also already initiated a investigation to check how the sarpanch sold the land to Dera Radha Soami Sect without obtaining the mandatory permission from the Director of Panchayats.

Meanwhile, Jatehdar Akal Takht Giani Gurbachan Singh has urged the Sikh community to maintain peace harmony.
Source: PTI


  1. very true

  2. u r abslutely right bt people dont know and cant know any time

  3. some people say that the head of rssb has millionire of business bt they dont know that their life is full field of hard work

  4. Radha Soami dont want to make any new religion they want to teach that how we should live in society and how we should die as well as live .

  5. This is the good step From Baba Gurinder Singh Chief Dera Radha Swami Now A Huble Sikh the bow the head of Shri Guru Granth Sahib In Shri Darbar Sahib So Please I Hope All the Dera Devotee Follow BABA Jee Said I am Not A GURU I AM Humble Sikh I Am Learn Only SABAD Vichaar in Dera Beas. This is good massage from sikh community in the against of Dera Radha Swami Baba Gurinder Singh Chief Dera Radha Swami All DERA’s Follows Baba Gurinder Singh Chief Dera Radha Swami

  6. Doesn’t the same go for Sikhism?? Your message is love as well, but why are there countless gudwaras in every village, town, city, country?? You choose to expand as well, just look at Brampton, Ont. Canada, do you how any ideas how many new gudwaras people have opened up around there? It’s ridiculous. The Beas in India provides a hospital, countless homes, and food and water to people that are willing to so Seva there. they do so much for the community around them, its not some crazy plan to take over everything. They are expanding so they can accommodate the amount of people that go there.

  7. The Supreme Authority of the Sikh Jagat i.e. Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib have thoroghly examined the whole affair via the Three Member Committee set up by the SGPC and have found all the allegations to be baseless and raised by selfish and anti-panthic elements inorder to create lawless-ness and to gain publicity.Let us all true sikhs respect the verdict.

  8. I Agree with Sandhu ji..

    Sangat in RSBS are growing day by day.. They need more space for Sangats..

  9. S.R.Krishnamurthy

    RSSB was gorwing and the same time Sindhies also having cores of blackmoney they are the key people (This landlesspeople) and purchseing and donating to RSSB.Salem Paiyan

  10. Bro why are we constructing flyovers in Amritsar for easy access to Golden Temple despite we have Gurudwaras in each Village, city n country?

    Answer is d same, sangat wants to sit in the presence of their Guru. RSSB sangat has increased by many folds and as we make arrangements for our guests, same they doing for sangat’s convenience….. don’t take wrongly..
    Even 4th Guru established Amritsar for sangat…. but I am not comparing Gurus with RSSB…

  11. How do u define Sikh?

    What is the difference between today’s Sikhs and Mugals…… they imposed their religion on others & the same is being done by so called Sikhs

  12. I really don’t understand this mentality of these Dera’s wanting to expand, can’t they be happy and be in peace with what they have and live with it? This head of RSSB is a millionaire with business in Spain, Haynes Park in Bedford, various Dera’s all over UK and Europe. If love is the message they want to promote then what has all this land got to do with this, when journey of love bares no materialistic bonds? 

  13. This just proves my point. I sent a message which was respectfully written but it has been deleted as this website chooses what it wants everyone to read! No doubt this will be deleted as well

  14. This is the time to finish these kind of antisikh organisationd within sikh community. Bukkal de sapp