Children take Gurbani lessons at summer camp

Jalandhar, Punjab: More than 500 children huddled up in a sacred space and reciting from the holy Sikh scriptures early in the morning isn’t a sight one sees every day.

A summer camp for children between 5 to18 years, started by the Gurushabad Prachar Sabha, Jalandhar, has brought 500 young minds of the city together for instilling better understanding of the Guru Granth Sahib among them.

These children have been reciting lessons from the Gurbani every day since June 1 and the collective chorus of the young gathering has been sending waves of cheers down the parents’ hearts.

The camp had seen the participation of 450 children last year and it increased to 574 (registered children) this year.

The camp has been organised by Dr Paramjit Singh and Amarjit Anand.

Amarjit Anad said, “The holy session starts with meditation early in the morning (4 am), followed by a one-hour bani path session from 5 am to 6 am, in which lines from the Japuji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Savaiye, Chaupai Sahib and Anad Sahib are recited. An expert (ASI Surjeet Singh), who has an immense experience in teaching Gurbani, advises them on their pronunciation.”

“The day-sessions end with ardaas and hukumnana, following which the students are made to distribute krhah parshad. The camp is over by about 6.30 pm,” he added.

The organisers have also made it mandatory for the children to wear white dress. They gift the each boys a dastar and patka while the girls get a scarf and dupatta. Today’s session was held at the Guru Nanak Mission Gurdwara.

Navjeet, a homemaker, whose daughter Harnoor and son Harsimran Singh have been attending the camp, said, “I am blessed that my children have been attending the camp. The positive vibes and the dedication of the volunteers makes me think that such camps should be started in every city. My children are young and I am happy to see that they are in safe hands.”

Source: The Tribune

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