Boycott Prof Sarbjit Dhunda – Sri Akaal Takht Sahib Aadesh

It was inevitable, even though his biggest sin was criticism of Jaap Sahib. His missionary friends defended that by saying that the CD was doctored (looks like thats the only excuse these missionaries come up with on every occasion).

There are other parts of that video where Dhunda is criticising every bani of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. And interestingly those series of videos were produced and sponsored by none other than Singh Sabha Canada. And the same fuzzy organisation has been providing monetary help to Dhunda’s Missionary College in Ludhiana.

The dots get connected so well. And now all the missionaries will be up in arms, crying foul play, even when the evidence against these anti-Sikh preachers and organizations is overwhelming.

Reactions of Sangats on following press from Sri Akal Takht Sahib:

In this ( video Dhunda said…

Jehri mere veshvavaan nu vi maat pandiyan ne, oh rachnavaan tuhade darbar sahib vich parhiyan jandiyan ne.
(those compositions that put to shame my prostitutes are read in your darbar sahib)

nutty ‘professor’! – Khalsa


Ah ik Kahawat hai Punjabi di “Kutte nun Ghee Hajam Nahin hunda”. Ah thodi jehi popularity ho jaaye, thodi jehian tukaan de arth karne aa jaaun, roj de 50-100 sangat ban jaan katha sunan vaali, Haume edi aa gayi, kuj vi kidan vi bol deo – Ehi haal hoya Dhundha Sahib da. Kade Delhi de Gurudwarian ch 1984 katleaam da mudda chakeya es nein, je ene hi revolutionary bande hai. Je ene hi modern te revolutionary bande aah, te kadi mudda chakeya ke ki lod si Edi vaddi Sone di Palki Nankaana Sahib le jaan di? Ki lod hai Gurudwara Bangal Sahib te poora Gold chadan di??? – Jas Singh Khalsa


Great news! Hopefully someone brings Dhunda’s views on Jap Sahib to the Akal Thakt’s attention so that he is forced to pay for all his misdeeds. He should not be allowed to do parchar in any Gurdwara and hopefully sangat in B.C don’t allow him to continue his Katha over at Dashmesh Darbar in Surrey. – Singh


This Adesh should be disseminated among the Sangat….especially in the B.C. area. Recently Jeonwala (who himself uttered blasphemous remarks against Jaap Sahib) wrote an article in favor of Dhunda with the title ‘dhunda dhunda sundi ni main aap dhunda hoyee’ (listening to dhunda i myself have become a dhunda). Just imagine the height of their nonsense and the level of their intellect! – Khalsa


I can confirm he did katha this afternoon at Dasmesh Darbar, after the sandesh from akaal takhat. He is scheduled to do it tonight as well. We’ll see what happens. – G.Singh


Extremely glad to see swift action by the office of Singh Sahib of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. – V. Singh


  1. Darshan Singh Ghankas

    few weeks past,mr.dhunda was invited to burnen{BC} by some followers of Gurcharan Brar{jeonwala][brampton}i had good laough with is not easy to get free people,from these cults.gurcharan brar was mad as hell,when dhunda did not listen to CAMRED gurcharan.he went to Akal-Takhat with his tail coileded up in his legs,and he was told by jathedars, very politly to manage his mouth propperly for the fututre,dhunda agreed and kissed the feet of jathedars and ask for forgivness.
    Dhunda’s suppoters were burning like california’s bush fire,these follwers are humans inefficence brains,they can not think straight,they must have some body to hold thier fingers to guide them,mostly they drive trucks day and knight,for thier livlyhood,they have no time to check on thier brains, if is working or sleeping all the times.
    Gurchran brar is thier light house to guide thier boats,even day time,when no light is needed.

    anyway, dhunda came and colleted few thousand $—  and gone back to Dehli again,i don’t see any chance if gurchran will dare to bring dhunda to toronto,i think torotoians are lot more smarter than the gang of gurcharan brar.even ragi darshan singh is out of lukc in toronto.

    Sikh people do not need any body,whether it is ragi darshan singh or sarabjit singh dhunda or ant tom dick or harry ,they don’t have to do anything at all to remember Guru  Nanak jee,Guru is only waiting for our intention,our focus,our devotion,that is it that all the clouds will clear from the dark skies of lives.

    there is no repeition of paths,there no need for any body to us anything,just live in Guru;will and be whatever is there for you.

    may guru nanak jee forgive us for our missdeeds.

    darshan s ghankas

  2. darshan singh

    i like to know why people call sarbjit singh with  a tittle of professor.dose he understand what make a person a professor,how long it takes to become a professor in any subject,if he is not a quilified frofessor than why he accepts the tittle of a frofessor is he is a liar or people are stupid.

    in his vedeo where he is calling to sikhs to become sukha Singh and Mahetab Singh,you know the stroey? in the same vedeo sarbjit singh is telling sikhs, when our females are dancing in our happy occasions{marrage} are like prositutes dancing shamlessly in the strrets and bazars,listen it carefully.

    to me he is no body,i can comprehend GGS,it is easy,the translation is abailble in punjabi and english.i don’t need third party to tell what is it,i take interest in understanding GGS.our Guru’s , removed the third party when they compile GGS.third party will always create confusions ,we must stop listing to third parties if we want peace in our lives.the formula is made simple by our Guru’s—kirt karni-band ke shakna-nam simrana{meditation and devotion to Akalpurakh} bhanna man-na-charrdi kala vich rhina.

    we spend almost half of  our lives working,we will never miss a day from work,but we will not find time to read GGS.we will rush to gurudwara’s if any preacher comes there,  that some pracher will give us the medicine for our sins,no body,no body can give us nothing,they have nothin to give,we are simly lazy,pathetic,i was like this and i got out of that rutt .

    it is easy for a preacher to through lectures on us,because he knows we are emty,ignorant. we should understand that preacher is free all day to memmorised few lines from GGS.we must stop giving our minds to any body,so they can write anything on it,than it becomes a cult-controled mind.I know some body who was envolved in a cult and that faimly is ruined. be alert,be carefull guru is with us always ask for guidance,guru will take care of us we must ask for it,we must remember Guru jee when every things is bad and sad, no friends no realives with us, at that time ememmber Guru jee and ask for help, Guru jee will shower you with his grace,everything will change to positive from nagative.

    Guru fateh.
    darshan singh

  3. The problem is they are pronouncing judgement before his clarification.  These comments were made over six months ago and no one thought it was a problem all this time


    sharm   kro   tusi  kuzzz    kaom  de   mahan  parchark  nu   glat  keh  rhe  jjjjjjj

  5. Ok Veer Ji. If you are a trule sikh then you should answer the following, hunn bhajio na fir:
    When Sahib Sri Guru Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked the Pandey in Hardwar about giving water to Sun, what was that if not logic? When he went on sumer parbat and discussed with Jogis, what was that if not logic?. If Guru Nanak Ji can condemn the so-called karam-kaand in hinduism, how can he support and expect that from his followers?
    If religion stand on Faith then why Guru Nanak had to go so many places to teach new way? Of course a Hindu was right in saying “My faith says to believe in Pitraan nu paani dena” etc. etc.

    Aao hun Rehat Maryada dee gal v kar hee layee. Just few eaxamples:

    Chapter V Article VI  section d.  Improper to use filmi or other tunes for Kirtan. It happens all the time in Darbar Sahib. 

    Chapter VII Article 9 section b. About AkahndPath…So how come you can get “keetey-karaye” akhand path from Darbaar Sahib?

    Chapter X Article XVI Section d. (regarding masia,punia etc.)

    Please do not associate “BarahMaha ” with this.

    Hope this helps in opening the closed door of some minds.

  6. @ NRI Business

    -“Baba Nanak Ji taught us to weigh everything on “Daleel”, logic”

    Really? Can you give me a quote to prove this from Sri Gurbani JI? Logic, Daleel have nothing with spirituality. Religion stands on faith not daleels, and Guru NANAK DEV sahib JI believed in total submission to God-Tan, Man and Dhan- which has nothing to do with Daleels.

    What was the logic behind Guru JI’s order to Bhai Lehna JI to eat meat? What was Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s logic behind preparing Khanday Battay da amrit?

    ” So let us talk this: Rehat maryada prohibits from Sangraand, masia etc. Why is it celebrated at Sri darbaar Sahib?”

    You can’t be serious. Have you heard about Sri Mukhwak bani called ” Barahamaha”? Guru Sahib gives updesh for each and every month, and the maryada is to read the sermon for each and every month on the Sangrad day.

     Please do not create any further confusion in the sangat through your completely bogus facts. What exactly is Brahamanvaad? Can you elaborate on it? I think you are insecure about your own identity. 

    I am surprised how can a sane Sikh blindly follow whatever these aukhotee “professors” keep saying? 


  7. Hahaha. You make me laugh. Baba Nanak Ji taught us to weigh everything on “Daleel”, logic. How can a sane sikh blindly follow whatever these aukhotee jatheydaars keep saying? Just because they have been installed on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, does not mean they are taking right decisions. You quoted rehat Maryada. So let us talk this: Rehat maryada prohibits from Sangraand, masia etc. Why is it celebrated at Sri darbaar Sahib? Just answer this one question. Rehat maryada prohibits from Karam kaand. Why all brahamanvaad karam kaand at Sri Darbaar Sahib?

  8. Apeal to all sikhs who still have head on their shoulders: Please beware of “kaalian Bhedaan” in the disguise of Sikhs. Lot of Brahanvadis are trying to put “Boley bhaley” sikhs on hindu path. They have converted half of Sri Darbaar Sahib already into hindu pakhand and this Aukhotee Hukumnaama is another nail. Understand, the new sikh is much more educated and will not tolrate your “Puraan” sakhian and “Jhooth de pulandey”. The respect of our Guru Ji, respect of our sacred Guru Granth Sahib Ji is utmost. No more brahamvaad. No more fake sakhis. The mistake Prof Dhoonda did is that he put his foot on the tail of snakes and thats why they are now irritated. They did the same to prof. darshan Singh Ji. If they really want to settle it then they should accept an open challenge (not in a closed room). Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru Ji ki fateh.

  9. Bullshit. Bakwaas article. This is proganda by Aukhotee Leaders at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and his kronees such Deras and all that. We need again Sardar Sukha Singh and Sardar Mehtab singh to get free Sri darbaar Sahib from modern Massa Rangads? These aukhitee leaders want Sikhs to believe in stupid fake Sakhis about our respected Guru Ji. Why not a word for those who associate Guru Nanak Dev Ji with Luv-Kush?. They and writer of this article can not handle the truth. Prof. Dhoonda is telling the truth. Simple. We, need to unite and kick the butt of such people. These people are like “Seonk”, “Deemak” “Termite” that will dry the tree of Sikhism. Sikhs around the world need to stand up and kick these people out. I am so pissed off why and how we are tolerating such Aukhotee leaders?

  10. I have not seen this video you guys speek of. could someone put the link on this blog. Also if I understand this right few people from Canada called Golden Temple and send a cd saying Dhunda is bad and should be ban.
    Golden Temple took so called swift action to call him names and worst katha vachak and asked every one not Dunda nu moo na laguan.. this does not sound like well thought decision. Why not let him explain him self before sending this order to call him akothi sikh.
    this is to me is someone was waiting for an excuse to shut him down. could not find one while he was in India so used the canadians shoulder to shoot him down…..
    Anyone who listen to Dhunda and think he is sent here by God himself to change the sikn kom to be better should pull there head of the sand.
    Also if the Akal Takhat make decision behalf of whole sikh kom based on what few have said than this is the day I feel shame to call myself one…………………………………..

  11. sarbjit dosent eat meat u

  12. I think you have personal issue with dashmesh darbar leaders keep it only to u dont talk about dhunda This jathedar is akhoti . People dont care about rehat maryiaada

  13. This is not a right decision I heard that katha I did not hear any bad word that he said in respect of Darbar Sahib. some taksaalis are agaist him .If my comment will not posted on this Sikhsangar than I think this is one sided site.

  14. Mohansinghsoor

    wahe gur ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh.
    i need to see the katha of bhai sahib ji dhunda, then only react. so if possible please send the link. or give the date when it was happen.
    gur fateh.

  15. Singhgursharn

    Enough fighting between eachother if he has different views its okay we all have a brain follow what you want too! God gave you the brain to decide whats wrong adn whats right!

  16. Akal takhat has taken a belated but very correct.This dhundha is athug, ahypocrit and a liar of first order. he writes himself as prof. whereas he is a matriculate. Has he got any shame? Not at all.he puts balsphmous CD on his youtube channel.When caught he lies saying it was not him.A thug missionary.

  17. I’m glad to see the Jathedar of Akal Takhat take action on this.  The leaders at Dasmesh Darbar in Surrey need to wake up and stop this guy from preaching his nonsense against the Jaap Sahib.  

    Whether right or wrong isn’t the issue.  Dasmesh Darbar was formed when Gurdwara’s failed to obey an edict from the Akal Takhat in the late 90’s.  Why the flip flop now??  If the Akal Takhat has asked for clarification and a  boycott, it is the duty of all SIkhs to follow that.  

    Further more.. a question to all readers.. The Sikh Rehat Maryada clearly states in article xxiv,  section J: as follows:  The scriptural composition to be recited are : The Japuji, The Jaap, The Ten Sawayyas  (commencing with Sarawag Sud), The Bainti Chaupai (From “hamri karo hath dai rachha” to “dusht dokh te leho te bachai”), Anand Sahib.

    If these are not bani’s, will this be the end of the Amrit Sanchaar ceremony???  is this really what these guys are after????

    Kuljit Singh

  18. hi want to Listen that speech of prof. dhunda if u can send me link. thanks

  19. What was the objectionable words you heard from S, Dhunda, Can you please give me the link to the recordings or the exect words he said, that you heard yourself.

  20. blind faith takes place when a person without looking at the facts follows a person or concept.  In this case you are blindly following Sarbjit dhunda without looking at the facts.  So therefore you have blind faith in a man that can’t even control himself on a Gurdwara stage and is full of arrogance to the top.   

  21. This news has not been made up.  The full video where Sarbjit Dhunda insults the Gurus Bani and Sri Darbar Sahib is on youtube for everyone to see. 

    It’s time to wake up to the reality of this fake kathavachak, who is full of arrogance and can’t control himself from spitting his hatred.

  22. this is very right decision. i really happy with this . from calgary .rajwinder kaur khalsa