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True character of the President of Seharjdhari Sikh Federation came out in public

Paramajit Singh Ranu

Chandigarh, Punjab: High drama was witnessed at the Chandigarh Press Club this afternoon, when a man and his father attacked the alleged paramour of the man’s wife. The man accused is the national president of the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation. The ...

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June 2nd 1984 – 10 Days of Terror

There was no restriction for pilgrims to enter Amritsar or even the Temple. But the exit doors out of Amritsar were being closed. June 2, 1984 – Devinder Singh Duggal(In charge of the Sikh Reference Library) was relieved when “fortunately, ...

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June 1st 1984 – 10 Days of Terror

In 1982 Sant Bhindranwale launched the “Dharam Yudh Morcha”. These were peaceful protests to support the implementation of The Anandpur Sahib Resolution. During these “Morchay” thousands of Sikhs courted arrest. Kuldip Nayar (respected journalist) wrote, “When the agitation began nearly ...

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Destruction of Punjab Literacy and TOP Education system by British

Amritsar, Punjab: The notion that with the fall of the Sikhs in 1849 the British East India Company ushered in the `modern age` in the Punjab, especially in Lahore, is one that we need to revisit. What went wrong, and ...

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