Paramajit Singh Ranu
Paramajit Singh Ranu

True character of the President of Seharjdhari Sikh Federation came out in public

Chandigarh, Punjab: High drama was witnessed at the Chandigarh Press Club this afternoon, when a man and his father attacked the alleged paramour of the man’s wife. The man accused is the national president of the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation.

The story, as told by the father-son duo is that in 2006, the son Deepak Kajla married Manwinder Kaur against the wishes of his family. After the Kajla family accepted the marriage, the couple moved back to Deepak’s parent’s home in Mohali. The next year, Manwinder gave birth to a son. This child suffered from breathing trouble so Manwinder took him to a homeopathic doctor — Paramajit Singh Ranu for treatment. Ranu seduced Manwinder and under his influence she left Deepak and went to live with him. The Kajla’s also showed a video clip of a meeting in their home in which Ranu admitted to the relationship with Manwinder and allegedly accepted his “fault” in the matter. Deepak and his father, B.D. Kajla told the press their intention was to make the public aware of Ranu’s bad character.

The Kajla’s were leaving the press conference when Manwinder and Ranu arrived. After a short exchange of verbal abuse, the Kajla’s set upon Ranu and Manwinder.

Journalists rushed to separate the combatants but were too late to prevent some heavy blows landing on Rana. In the melee, the Kajla’s slipped away and, by the time the police arrived, Manwinder and a profusely bleeding Paramjit Singh Ranu were refuting the allegations. Manwinder started blurting out many allegations.

She and Ranu vehemently denied having an illicit relationship. Manwinder said that it is true that she is living separately. Dr Ranu is married and has a family of his own. It is learnt that the Deepak Kajla has filed for an annulment of the marriage in a Chandigarh court on the grounds that his wife is characterless and unfaithful.

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