Anti Sikh Preacher Gurbachan singh Thailandwala

gurbachan-singh-thailandVictoria, Canada: Recently, Ragi Darshan Singh passed blasphemic comments against Guru Gobind Singh ji by fabricationg his own stories. Akal takhat  took notice of that and called him to appear before Akal Takhat on December 5, 2009. Sikhs all over the world expressed happiness that Ragi will be brought to justice. But this was not liked by a so called Sikh Missionary Gurbachan Singh Thailand wale.

Gurbachan Singh Thailand got a statement released in Ajit newspaper criticizing the action taken by the supreme authority of the sikhs, the Akal Takhat.

Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale preaches atheism in the name of modernisation of gurbani. According to him there is no such entity called  soul in Gurbani. He preaches that there is no reincarnation in Sikhism, and that Naam simran is a useless excercise, whereas Guru Granth Sahib stresses time and again on the importance of Naam Simran. He also rejects sikh history, sikh traditions,sakhis and all realized souls. He goes to the extent of calling Sant Mahapurash as thugs.

To start with he did it in a very secretive way, but with time he picked up courage and now openly preaches atheism. In this he is supported by others who hold similar views. He is an old school communist masquerading in sikh identity to hoodwink innocent sikhs.Sikh sangat around the world has taken notice of this anti sikh preacher and he has been banned in many gurudwaras in USA. He created trouble among sangat at Edmonton, Canada also.

Sikh sangat is requested to identify their enemies who are preaching atheism in the name of modern sikhism and against entertaining such preachers in their local Gurudwaras.


  1. The Sikh History- An Ideal Human Being
    The perfect human being
    Khushwant Singh
    There are events in the histories of different people which at the time they occurred may not have appeared to be of great significance, but with the passage of time became memorable moments. There are two such incidents in the history of the Sikhs which made them change from pacific followers of their founder Guru Nanak to the militant Khalsa of the last Guru Gobind Singh.
    The first was the persecution of their Fifth Guru Arjan Dev, who compiled the Adi Granth and installed it in Harmandar Sahib built by his father, and made Amritsar the emotional capital of the community. His only “crime” in the eyes of the rulers was that he had acquired a large following and threatened to become a rival power base in the north.
    He was taken to Lahore, cruelly tortured and he died as martyr. His son Guru Hargobind decided to take up arms. The Ninth Guru Tegh Bahadar, a saintly man, composed some of the most soulful hymns — later incorporated into the Adi Granth by his son. These became widely known and have been beautifully rendered by Mohammed Rafi.
    Guru Tegh Bahadar was arrested on fabricated charges and executed in Delhi on November 24, 1675.
    His body was stolen by one of his Dalit disciples, who burnt down his own thatched hut to cremate it. Gurdwara Sis Gunj in Chandni Chowk marks the site of his execution. Gurdwara Rakab Ganj, next to Parliament, is the site of his cremation.
    It was this wholly gratuitous act of criminality that made his son come to the conclusion that when all other methods have failed, it is righteous to draw the sword.
    To mark the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadar, I reproduce my translation of one of his hymns — entitled Jo nar dukh mein dukh nahi manai — devoted to describing an ideal human being:
    He who in adversity grieves not;
    He who is without fear;
    He who falls not in the snare of sensuality;
    Who has no greed for gold, knowing it is like dust;
    He who does not slander people when their backs are turned;
    Nor flatters them to their faces;
    He who has neither gluttony in his heart;
    Nor vanity, nor attachment to
    worldly things;
    He whom nothing moves;
    Neither good fortune nor ill;
    Who cares not for worldly applause;
    Nor its censure;
    Who ignores every wishful fantasy;
    And accepts what comes his way at it comes;
    He whom lust cannot lure;
    Nor anger command;
    In such a one lives God himself;
    On such a one God’s Grace descends;
    For he knows the righteous path;
    O Nanak, his soul mingles with the Lord;
    As water mingles with water.

  2. jatinder singh

    Gurbachan singh thailandwale is from a group of nastik group of kala afghna followers. The others include spokesman, dilgeer, Inder Ghagha and darshan ragi. They are former communists who have no faith in religion. They do not respect sikh gurus and openly say as Gurus are gone they have no relevance in a sikh’s life.

    They started with showing disrespect to bani of Dasam pita and now their guns are trained on SGGS ji.

    a very relevant inforamtion on design of these anti sikh forces.

  3. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri

    I agree with S.Balbir Singh ji 100 ( hundered )percent, what he has said about this article. Sat Sri Akal. Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri.

  4. Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale should not be listed among people following Sikh faith. Nothing more is required to be done in this case. We need not to waste or sacrifice to make to listen to reason every individual. There is no dearth of such stuff in the society. Time is only the great healer.
    If, we start discussing him point- wise as an atheist, then, it would amount to spreading his message and from the crowd; his followers will be endless due to our own fault. It is happening and being experienced so in daily life.
    In such cases, the simple denial of their theory or interpretation is always sufficient and legal. Such people automatically get depressed and disappear.
    Again, I have to quote Sant Singh Maskin Ji, who repeatedly stressed during preaching that votary or devotee could be traced very rarely but, other intellectuals like Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Engineers etc are plenty everywhere and, similarly, there is no shortage of crowd or foolish.
    I personally did not find any difference between a friend and votarist. Who have love with God are very rare and there is no end of atheists.
    “Personally for me, Naam Japna is a useful exercise to get knowledge and piece of mind, Waheguru is Gurmantra for concentration of mind, hard work’s effect; advising to drink and be merry may timely consoling and avoiding depression, without any permanent remedy, rather, in the long run inviting more trouble of depression etc, every passing minute or after every breath, there is like a rebirth for me then why no reincarnation in Sikhism. A common person like me wish to move by wearing the dress of people where I happened to be as a sign of oneness, then, why not our great Guru Nanak dev ji was to do so? Guru Arjan Dev ji never cried when he sat on Hot plate, somebody may say he fainted there. More valuable and knowledgeable Guru Granth Sahib must be kept exceptionally, caringly and openly for the knowledge of all, but, not to be kept in cupboards. Could any atheist stop me thinking and following in this manner?”
    Whoever gets chance to sit with different types of people, to answer their theories or interpretations is not difficult without creating tense situation. I used to enjoy the feelings of such people in my sittings during leisure period and by replying them suitably, though, it is difficult to satisfy individually on internet.
    Thank God, I am not atheist like Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale otherwise; I would have been in top news like him. Comment by Balbir Singh Sooch

  5. S balbir singh ji

    Gurbachan singh Kala afghna is hard core chela of Kala afghana.They pose as reformers and do not listen to reason.

    Some of their beliefs are

    1) Naam Japna is a Gorakh dhandha (Useless exercise)

    2) Waheguru is not Gurmantra of Sikhs.

    3) There is no karmic effect in Sikhism. So the advise is drink and be merry.

    4) There is no reincarnation in Sikhism.

    5) Guru Nanak dev ji was scared when he went to mecca and so he donned Muslim clothes.

    6) Guru Arjan dev ji fainted when he sat on Hot plate.

    7) Guru Granth sahib should not be in parkash but kept in cupboards.

    I can go on but will stop here as these people are not Sikhs. They are ex-communists from India.

  6. Does Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale claim preaching atheism in the name of modernisation of gurbani or did the majority of Sikhs view so? Some times, the opinion of the majority could be like crowd behaviour.

    Has he put his views in writing or only by utterances preaching the atheism in the name of modernisation of gurbani? Handle his with care and caution.
    I believe religiously that there is soul and how it can be there is no such entity called soul in Gurbani. GYANI SANT SINGH MASKIN was great and an expert so far, I feel convinced. He did believe in souls. I don’t think any preacher can use hard words more than him, but, never without the reference of Gurbani.
    At the same time, Maskin ji was also not in favour of any kind of confrontation. He used to say the majority of crowd is always foolish.
    S. Inderjit Singh of Narangwal, District Ludhiana, who was also remained gunman of S. Simranjit Singh Mann during his service in police, later on, known as Baba ji, closely knew me and used to exchange views with me freely.
    He and his closely associated Bhai Sewa Singh invented as to how to remember Waheguru frequently or repeatedly and loudly creating piercing noise as Wahe…guru, Wahe…guru, Wahe…guru, Wahe…guru so that stress should reach at navel point by taking breath in and out, over and over again.
    I objected him politely for creating such a piercing noise pollution. He gladly accepted my suggestion and promise to reduce it but after a short period, he expired.
    When somebody asked from Sant Singh Maskin Ji about Sewa Singh’s jathas performance then only politely, Maskin Ji replied they are doing some practical, I know only about theory. This also told me by Baba Ji, S. Inderjit Singh himself.
    Similarly, Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale could be requested to amend without any confrontation with him.

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