Amritsar leaders raised Sikh issues with local French authorities

Ludhiana,Punjab:According to information sent by S. Chain Singh from France Mr Didier Mignot, Left Front Party Mayor of Le Blanc Mesnil, was invited to meet Sikh Community during a dinner at Bhai Parmjit Singh Sohal’ House. it was the opportunity for the French Sikh community to share their difficulties and their concern about the respect of Sikh identity in French society.

The Mayor assured us that he will share with the local MP and Senator all the concern of Sikhs and he wanted to make more awareness of the diversity in his town, which will help Sikhs to be understood and knew in its global identity.

According to information Bhai Chain Singh, Shiromani Akali Dal (Amrtisar) France Unit organized this dinner in order to create good relationship with our elected member.

“We are going to organize more activity like this in order to have Sikhs as City council members for the future election in 2014” Chain Singh said.

“We live in France, and we contribute financially and socially in our town, so it is natural to be part of the municipal corporation” he added.

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