Amidst 1984 carnage, there were saviours too

Haryana (Ex-part of Punjab): It took the world nearly three decades to wake up to the horrific tragedy that numbed the soul of this village, and suddenly there’s a huge bustle with people of all hues rushing here.

Yet, none has acknowledged the selfless act of two men from a neighbouring village who risked their lives to save around 30 Sikhs as members of the community living in this little hamlet were attacked by a marauding mob on November 2, 1984, two days after Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Thirty-two persons were killed in the carnage.

No politician, religious leader or NGO has thus far realised how the two Good Samaritans -now-septuagenarian Nihal Singh and his nephew Chander Bhan of adjoining Nurpur village -evacuated 30 Sikhs to safety. The only words of acknowledgement and gratitude for them have come from one of the survivor families.

Recalls Manmohan Singh, who survived the horror: “I was in the fields and rushed back when I heard the ruckus. We took cover in one of the havelis.
The mobsters broke roofs, poured diesel and set houses on fire. After remaining in hiding for many hours, we finally mustered the courage to emerge from cover. Barefoot, we ran towards a neighbouring Jat village, Dhanora. However, we could not find a vehicle at Dhanora to get away. But Nihal Singh of Nurpur offered his tractor-trolley for our evacuation.“

Says Nihal’s nephew, Chander Bhan, who risked his life and drove the tarpaulin-covered tractor-trolley with the 30 people huddled underneath: “Almost all of them had suffered injuries. In pitch darkness, I drove them to Rewari, where I handed them over to a group of Sikh Labanas, who gave them shelter.“

Manmohan’s brother Joginder Singh, a lawyer at Rewari district courts, said: “Without Chander Bhan, our families could not have been saved. Bhan, along with some young men from Dhanora, Risal and Azad villages, ensured that our families reached a safe place.“

The then village sarpanch, Dhanpat Singh, who narrated the sequence of events of the day, is disappointed: “They put their lives at risk to bail out the survivors. But not one politician has uttered a word of praise for them. At least they deserve a pat on their back.“

Chander Bhan too said: “Hordes of people and dozens of vehicles come and go every day. No one has bothered to even talk to us.“
Members from the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and its ally Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday created ruckus in both Houses of Parliament demanding a probe into the killing of Sikhs in Haudh-Chilhar of Rewari district in 1984.

As soon as the Lok Sabha convened for the day, SAD members trooped into the Well, leading to speaker Meira Kumar adjourning the House till 11.15 am.

After the Lok Sabha re-convened, leader of the opposition Sushma Swaraj raised the grievances of the Akali Dal members saying they were demanding an inquiry into the alleged massacre.

The speaker asked them to raise the issue during Zero Hour, following which the Akali members returned to their seats.

A mob had allegedly wiped out a Sikh hamlet, Haudh near Chilhar village, on November 2, 1984, two days after the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi, killing 32 people. The district administration has ordered a preliminary inquiry into the incident.

Source: HT


  1. I always feel very emotional / tearful whenever I recall the genocide which took place in India 1984 (Sikhs) and 2002 (Muslims).Trying to obtain justice is a never ending struggle and there are moments when I feel so much anger toward Hindus and have to remind myself that there were some Hindus who risked their own lives to save Sikhs / Muslims although not enough considering Hindus constitute approx 80% of the population in India. 

  2. Gungaramsingh

    Sikhs have no chance of getting any justice from this government or any other future Indian governments and with Badal family in Punjab and sarna in Delhi are stooges of the brahmin junta hence NO CHANCE of justice or say of the victims. Its time sikhs got togather and get rid of these traitors from being incharge of the Punjab govt. Sarna should be kicked out of the his safe and cousy seat of being the head of Delhi Gurdwaras. One should ask Badal and Sarna what have they done for the victims of the carnage, except linning their pockets.
    One should ask the so called Indian govt how come no south Indian was killed when Rajiv was zapped off. Reason being the brahims, staunch hindus and all indian government are against Sikhs. They do not want to see any Turbaned Sikh in Indian. IT IS TIME THAT THESE CREATURES REALISE THAT WE ARE SIKHS AND HAVE RIGHTS TO LIVE IN HARMONY IN ANY PART OF INDIA AND PRACTICE OUR RELIGION. Has any Sikh ever attacked/destroyed any hindu temple?

    Sikhs of India unite and get rid of the existing govt. in Punjab and figth for the rights of all the people of Punjab  

  3. It makes me sick to hear of these attrocities. Nothing has been done by a lame, weak Indian government, only interested in serving Hindu interests. One day justice will be done. We must never forget the 1980s.

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