56 riots-hit families get relief after 25 yrs

totaChandigarh, Punjab: Waking up from slumber after 25 years, the government has given a sum of Rs 1.12 crore as ex-gratia grant to as many as 56 families of victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, who had migrated from the affected states and are presently residing in Moga district.

Cheques of Rs 2 lakh each were presented to these families by senior SAD leader Jathedar Tota Singh in the presence of officials of the local administration at a function held in the district administrative complex here, today.

Earlier, an ex-gratia grant of Rs 2 lakh each was provided to 193 victim families in April 2006 and 13 families in February 2009, who are presently residing in the district.

While distributing the cheques, the SAD leader termed the 1984 riots as one of the biggest tragedies faced by any community after the partition of India.

Tota Singh said the Punjab government and the SAD, in particular, were committed to providing ex-gratia relief to families of the victims. “The state government has instructed the respective district administration to complete all formalities of left-out families so that they can get financial assistance,” he said.

On the recent order of a Delhi court giving life imprisonment to three accused persons involved in the riots, he said all culprits named in these cases needed to be punished as per the law on the basis of evidences of eyewitnesses.


  1. Bikramjeet singh

    The armed struggle for freedom has been waged by the Naga peoples since the 1950’s. The Punjabi Sikhs took up arms in 1984 and the Kashmiri Muslims in 1989. Violence is not a means in itself to justify or achieve a desired end, but self-defence is a right of every nation, and of every human being. The United Nations charter on human rights guarantees a people the right to self-determination as a fundamental human right. It has been quite clear from past history that the Nagas, the peoples in the Northeast, the Kashmiris and the Punjabi Sikhs are not satisfied with the Indian state, and desire that the basic human right to self-determination be implemented. India, a country which claims to be the “World’s Largest Democracy” has flat out refused that right to the people. Instead, the Indian government resorted to ruthless oppression and is brutal to all those who act on truth justice and freedom. Unlawful arrest, torture, rape and execution are common in Punjab, Kashmir, and the Naga Homeland. The Indian government applies these same methods to all those in Jammu, Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Phradesh and others who exercise their righteous demand for justice and their right to self determination.

  2. Bikramjeet singh

    There is still time for India, to correct it’s policy / course, especially for long-term benefit.

  3. Bikramjeet singh

    In 1984 this country’s politicians learnt the art of killing people, getting away with it and then going on to win elections in the aftermath. They have repeated that in Mumbai and Gujarat and somebody somewhere may be making the next preparations.”

  4. Muslim bodies angry over clean chit to Rao

    Former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao and the Sangh Parivar were equally responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid- rightly Said by Muslim organizations.

    Liberhan Commission’s Report After Delay Of 17 Years Proved An Eyewash.

    As to how the unitary form of the Indian system under the central agencies acts, now, is an open secret?
    E.g: The Destruction Of The Babri Mosque- Report Tabled In Parliament

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