World Bank team reviews Budha Nullah project

Ludhiana, Punjab: A review meeting on the Environmental Action Plan for Urban Transformation in Ludhiana and Amritsar was held by consultants from the World Bank, Nikhil Kulsipatil and Saumya Chaturvedula, here today.

The two members are part of the four-member team that had visited the city about a month ago in connection with the Budha Nullah project.

Talking to The Tribune, Saumya Chaturvedula said they gathered vital information during the meeting with officials of the Municipal Corporation, Pollution Control Board, Irrigation Department, and the mayor.

“We are on a two-day visit here to conduct a review meeting to understand implications, if any, in starting the project. We have reached the conclusion about the needs and priorities of the city, keeping environmental issues in mind. There were certain issues in mind, which had to be addressed before we could submit a report to the World Bank,” said Chaturvedula.

She said the team was able to understand the areas of its focus and how development in congested areas was possible and other aspects. The delegates were of the view that proper action plan had to be formulated before going for any urban development while protecting the environment at the same time.

“We have gathered good information and now can continue with the project. We are hopeful to submit our report to the World Bank by November-end and then after that the bank will be in touch with the state government. Though it is an initial stage, if all goes well, Ludhiana will see a lot many improvement in the years to come,” said Saumya.

The four members who had visited the city about a month ago included Ashish Rao Ghurpade, Saumya Chaturvedula, Nikhil Kulsipatil and Sonali Malik. E Mani Kumar is the director for the project.

Source: The Tribune

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