US Sikh rights group to subpoena Rahul

New York, USA: A Sikh rights group that has filed human rights violation cases against the Congress party and its leader Sonia Gandhi said it would subpoena the party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi before a US court in the 1984 Sikh rights lawsuit. This demand has been strongly rejected by the political party’s attorney here.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) said it decided to subpoena Gandhi after he said in a televised interview that “some Congress men were probably involved in 1984 Sikh genocide and that they had been punished for it”.

The group said it would subpoena Gandhi “as a witness before New York federal court in the pending 1984 Sikh rights violation lawsuit”. Ravi Batra said any requests for subpoena issued on Gandhi would be responded to with a motion to dismiss.

Source: The Tribune

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