US House denounces racially motivated attacks against the Sikhs

Washington,USA: The Illinois House of Representatives has adopted a resolution denouncing racially motivated attacks against the Sikhs, particularly the shootout at a Wisconsin gurdwara in August that killed six Sikh worshippers.

Calling the shootout at the Oak Creek gurdwara as a “deplorable act of violence and hate” the resolution acknowledged the American Sikh community’s long standing commitment to the United States, according to United Sikhs, a community organisation.

The Wisconsin shooting and other racially motivated attacks “have caused Sikhs and other communities to live under an unfair burden of vulnerability,” it said.

Denouncing hate-fuelled violence and encouraging civic engagement and participation among the immigrant and minority communities of Illinois, the resolution seeks to create greater awareness among the general public about Sikhs and other minority communities.

United Sikhs plans to commemorate the Illinois House resolution denouncing the “deplorable attacks on Sikh Americans and hate crimes and hateful political rhetoric” on Sunday at Sikh Religious Society Gurdwara in Palatine, Illinois.

Commending the Illinois House for adopting the resolution, United Sikhs said it looked forward to working again with the South Asian American Policy & Research Institute (SAAPRI) and the Illinois House Legislature on further measures that will help safeguard the rights of Sikh and other minority communities.

“This legislation is an acknowledgement of the racially motivated atrocities that have been committed and a commitment by the state of Illinois to devote resources to educating the greater Illinois community on Sikh Americans and South Asian Americans”, said Ekta Arneja, Midwest Regional Coordinator of United Sikhs.

The community organisation will continue to engage in advocacy and legislative efforts throughout the United States to help maintain and expand the civil and human rights of the Sikhs and other communities, it said.


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