United Sikhs team continue to help empower victims of typhoon Haiyan

Manila, Philippines – United Sikhs NGO has accomplished another momentous milestone in our efforts to join the humanitarian response to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. On February 6th, the organization handed over 18 new homes to those who were directly affected by the devastating disaster that has ravaged a number of Islands across the Philippines. The new homes are located in the Crossing Lais Village in Pontevedre. Also present at the occasion were (from left) Parvinder Singh Nand.a UN team head of UNFPA; Incoming Governor of Capiz province Hon.Nonoy Contreras; Jagdev Singh Bal Eroupe Aid Coordinator from UNITED SIKHS and our Team Leader for Haiyan Relief Mission Rishiwant singh Randhawa and Ms Tourism International world title holder Ms Ange Gomez and the local / national print radio and TV media journalists .

Recognizing the efforts,  Governor of Capiz, Panay Island said: “This has never been done by any NGO here and we are proud to say that only UNITED SIKHS are making proper homes for the village people of Panay today.”

The team has been exceptionally active in the transition and recovery phase, ensuring that the Filipino community is provided with long term stability and is assisted with the transition from temporary to permanent shelters. We have had the ability to make such a huge impact on this community, due to its expertise in global relief operations and the generous donations coming from our patrons across the world, USA, Canada, UK, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

In the three months that the organization has been operating across the Philippines, it has also succeeded in delivering food aid including 5kg rice, canned food, milk, coffee, sugar, iodized salt, antiseptic disinfectant and other essential items to approximately 200 families in the hard hit Longingut island off Estancia and 1000 families of Antique province of Panay Islands.

The work is by no means complete, the team continues to support those affected by adversity. Not only have people been left without food and shelter, but many families have gone without light. Thus, the UNITED SIKHS is one of the organizations that manage the Give Them Light campaign, distributing solar bulbs to poor families.

In recognition of the valuable contribution, the Head of Sub Office at the United Nations wrote a letter of gratitude to the UNITED SIKHS for their on-going humanitarian efforts. With the generous donations the UNITED SIKHS receives, it makes it easier for us to continue to support, encourage and give hope to those in times of need.

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