TV advertisement shows Sikhs as vibrant part of US’ cultural tapestry

WASHINGTON: A 30-second ad featuring Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia along side the images of Sikhs around the US is being telecast by a leading cable here to show the community as a vibrant part of America’s cultural tapestry and stop turban wearing people from becoming a target of hatred.

The ad demonstrates through words and images how Sikh-Americans’ values are America’s values, including a love of service, family and community.

The broadcasting firm, Comcast, will donate USD 1 million of airtime on cable channels, according to Sikh American Legal Defence and Education Fund (SALDEF) which provided the script.

The ad will be shown until July 27 in 39 states across the United States.

Sikhs in the US have faced a wave of violence since the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, with assailants sometimes falsely believing they are radical Muslims due to their turbans and beards. In the worst incident, a white supremacist killed six Sikhs after barging into their Gurudwara in Wisconsin in 2012.

“Sikhs have contributed to America’s culture for the past 125 years, including helping to build the Panama Canal and railroads in California,” said SALDEF executive director Jasjit Singh while talking about the history of Sikhs in the US.

“Infact, there is no better way for us to celebrate our history and day-to-day contributions in America this July 4th, Independence Day, than through a montage of images and words narrated from today’s most well-known Sikh American actor Waris Singh Ahluwalia,” Singh said.

Source: The Economic Times

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