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York University students condemn ‘blatantly racist flyers’ that surfaced around campus

Toronto, Canada: York University students condemned “blatantly racist flyers” that surfaced around the university campus and surrounding areas last week. The university has been pulling down these posters, the CBC reported. The flyers were believed to have been distributed by Immigration ...

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National Union of Students elects its first Sikh on to its National Committee

Sheffield, UK: At the recently held National Conference of the National Union of Students (NUS), delegates representing the 7 million membership of the student body elected the first Sikh onto its National Executive Committee (NEC) in its 90 year history. ...

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Day of Service in Camden, New Jersey, USA

Sadh Sangat Ji, USA:-On August 4, 2012 The Sachkhand Express Corporation was able to help organize and participate in the Annual Camden Day of Service at Farnham Park in Camden, NJ. Camden has been a severely impoverished community that has ...

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