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A Sikh American soldier’s battle for the turban

Washington, USA:  July 21 (IANS) “If the militaries in Canada, England, India and progressive nations allow Sikhs to serve in turbans and beards, then why can’t the US?” That was the question that Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, the first Sikh soldier in a generation allowed to keep the articles of his faith, posed to his commanders back in 2009 when ...

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New Congressional effort launched to enlist Sikhs in American Army

Washington, USA: A top American lawmaker has launched a fresh effort to enlist Sikhs in the US Army so that they can serve the force while abiding by their faith. “Throughout the world, and now in the US Army, Sikh soldiers are clearly able to maintain their religious commitments while serving capably and honourably,” said a letter addressed to the US ...

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Family of Birmingham Sikh soldier in turban row hit back at critics

London,UK:- “Thousands of Sikhs have fought and died for the UK. They never gave up their turbans so why can’t a Sikh soldier guard the Queen while wearing his?” The family of a Birmingham soldier at the centre of a row over his turban have hit back – pointing to the 80,000 Sikhs who died for Britain in the two ...

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