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Lies of Gurdarshan Dhillon Rebutted about Sikh Scripture, Sri Dasam Granth

Vancouver, Canada: Prof. Gurdarshan Singh from India has been a professor of history with Punjab university. Sikh organizations around the world is now starting to invite him as a scholar to give lecture(s) on Sikhism so that our offspring remain attached to our religion, history and traditions. This Baisakhi he was invited by Sikh Organization based in Surrey, Canada who is strongly aligned ...

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Missionaries challenge Sikh Scriptures, History and Traditions

Sikhism is a relatively new religion. It became an organized religion ever since Guru Gobind Singh ji created khalsa in 1699 and gave a code of conduct. He ordained Kirpan, Kes, Kanga, Kachhehra and Kara to be worn by Sikhs. He also prescribed five transgressions for sikhs namely not to cut hair, not eating meat slaughtered by halal, no extra ...

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Tainted Sikh Preacher Sarbjit Dhundha at Milipitas Sikh temple

Fremont, California: Sarbjit Singh Dhundha is a Sikh preacher who creates problem by his heretic utterances. A missionary who follows blasphemous teachings of Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana is often in news for his blasphemous sermons. He is on California tour these days. His tour is normally sponsored by an organization who have denounced Khalsa principles of Sikhism. Sikhs went to protest ...

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