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Retired teacher couple uses Gurbani to keep youth away from drugs

Patiala, Punjab: Though they have no children of their own, 71-yearold-Jaimal Singh Bhinder and his wife Surjit Kaur Dhillon (71) have dedicated their life to teaching Gurbani to people, especially children, free-of-cost. The couple retired from their jobs in the state education department in 2001. Ever since, the first-floor of their home which has been converted into Satsang Bhawan, has seen ...

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How is Guru Nanak Dev ji Different from Previous Avtars?

India:  One day while Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji were holding a congregation one of the Sikhs asked “What type of incarnation was the first Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and were they independent and complete?” According to Hindu belief there are many types of incarnations but for God there are six. These are the following; – Ansa ...

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