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Voices for Freedom denounces violent attack by Panjab police on protesting Sikhs in Ludhiana. Warns the State of a Direction towards a Civil War.

Ludhiana, Panjab: Voices for Freedom condemns the indiscriminate use of bullets which resulted in one death and scores of protesting devout Sikhs injured. The Panjab Police, ever ready to resort to cane charge any assembly of people, did not use water canons to stop the protesting Sikhs, did not fire rubber bullets to quell the protestors, but resorted to fir

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Punjab Police firing Sikh Victim cremated

Ludhiana, Punjab: After holding the city to a halt for over a day, Panthic forces lifted their day long dharna Sunday morning but not before announcing a call for Punjab Bandh on December 7. Led by the Sant Samaj and the Damdami Taksal the panthic bodies have however announced that no rail or road traffic will be disrupted and that ...

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