Sikhs support during war is highlighted.

UK: During the coming commemorations of the First World War, it will be important to remember the sacrifices our friends and Allies made.

The Indian Army played an important role, with almost one-and-a-half million Indian troops fighting for the Allies. A significant number were Sikhs from the Punjab – one in 14 served in the British Army.

By the conflict’s end, more than 61,000 Sikhs died and 68,000 were wounded.
I’ve been contacted by Susan Darrall, of the St Philip’s Centre, who said:

“We are creating a programme for schools which recognises the contribution made by Sikhs in the First World War. We’re appealing to the Sikh community: Did anyone in your family fight in the war? Do you have any photos, letters, medals or anything relating to this time?”

Write to Margaret Bonney, St Philip’s Centre, 2A Stoughton Drive North, Leicester, LE5 5UB or call 0116 273 3459.”

Source: SikhChannel.Com

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