Sikh Temple mass shooting: Where have all the donations gone?

OAK CREEK (WITI) — Close to two years after the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, questions are being raised about where all the donations have gone.

After a gunman walked into the Oak Creek Sikh Temple, killing six people and wounding three others, donations poured in. Now, in the wake of another anniversary, one victim wants answers about all that money.

“We are just asking them the questions,” says the attorney of Santokh Singh, victim.

Santokh Singh was shot twice. Singh and his attorney held a news conference on Friday afternoon, July 11th. Singh says he’s gotten $70,000 from a fund set up to help victims. But he believes he’s being short-changed.

“This is now the final nail in the coffin, we need to come out of it,” says Singh’s attorney.

Singh and the attorney asked the temple about the money. They say no one has responded. Now, Singh is worried there has been a misuse of funds. He spoke to FOX6 News with the help of an interpreter.

“This guy is a live victim and he’s suffering more than anybody who has gone,” says the attorney.

Since April, Singh has been asking for documentation about the rest of the money. He sent letters to Sikh leaders, including one of the victim’s sons, and now, Congressional Candidate Amardeep Kaleka.

“To send it to the media first before you send it to us…you wonder about it,” says Kaleka.

Kaleka denies the accusations and says there’s no funny business.

“There have been no misuse of funds, there have been no commingling of funds, there have been no funds that have been diverted,” says Kaleka.

Both parties say they want to meet and work things out, hoping the dispute does not overshadow the tragedy.

Kaleka says the money is being handled by an attorney in Washington D.C. — meantime, there is no lawsuit that has been filed. Singh, does however, have a pending workers compensation claim, because he says he was a former employee of the temple.


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