Sikh industrialist translates ‘Japuji Sahib’ for young devotees

Brs Nagar,Ludhiana: City industrialist Ranjodh Singh is spending time on his old fascination with the pen these days. He has been writing the translations of holy prayers of the Sikhs in order to make them easier to understand for those who don’t know Punjabi.

Clubbed with relevant pictures, Ranjodh’s writing has been turned in a book for Sikhs of all ages to understand “Japuji Sahib”, the morning prayer.

Managing director of G S Radiators and president of a private college, Ranjodh, 45, says he started writing while pursuing his BTech in mechanical engineering at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College in the city.

“I used to contribute snippets to the college magazine and got some published in newspapers. Most of what I wrote revolved around general life and I used to love clicking pictures too,” he adds.

Ranjodh says he got the first edition of his desk book published with a theme “vision and wisdom” in 2006-2007, which had philosophical thoughts and relevant images.

“After bringing two editions of the book, I started working on this book — ” Japuji Sahib, Prayer of the Soul” — which was published last year. “Japuji Sahib” is the holy prayer that every Sikh should recite in the morning. It answers the common human doubts… like if it is possible to define God and meet Him” adds Ranjodh.

His book has the meaning of the verses of “Japuji Sahib” in English and Punjabi and an image relating to the verse.

“For instance, if a verse refers to the problems of life, I have used a picture of weights along with it and a picture of flower when a verse talks about the colours in human life,” says Ranjodh. The purpose of translating the verses in English and Punjabi is to help the youngsters understand the essence of Sikh prayers. Using pictures makes the representation attractive and readable, says Ranjodh, who adds that he received a good response for his last book.


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