Sikh community reiterates pledge to save nature

Karachi, Pakistan: By global standards, a country should have at least 25 percent of its land covered with forests but Pakistan has only four percent – which too is being swiftly eroded through various commercial enterprises.

This was stated by Mehmood Alam Khalid, an environment expert, on the second Sikh Environmental Day held in collaboration with EcoSikh USA on Saturday in an auditorium at the National Museum.

The event was organsied by the Pakistan Sikh Council (PSC) to “reiterate their commitment for the protection of the environment.”

Known as the Vatavaran Diwas, the event is observed globally by the community from March 14th to 29th.

“It’s one of those days, when we (Sikhs) resolve to take care of the environment. It’s one of the obligations of our faith taught by our seventh Guru,” said Sardar Ramesh Singh, the president of the PSC.

The day was observed in 35 different Gurdwaras across the country, he added.

Leaders from Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities were also present on the occasion to share views on the significance of keeping the environment clean, as stressed by their respective religions.

“Events like these help the integration of various communities in the country. It highlights the message of peace that every religion propagates,” said Qari Ahsan, an Islamic scholar.

“We should use our religious seminaries as platforms to teach the valuable message of protecting the environment from degradation.”

Singh thanked the Pakistan National Museum for providing the venue for conducting the event. The leaders, later, planted a sapling together to reiterate their commitment to the cause.

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