SGPC steps in to ensure safe langar

Amritsar, Punjab: Following the incident in which a devotee from Madhya Pradesh lost his life allegedly after consuming langar near Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai, the SGPC has implemented various measures to ensure that the langar being served in its gurdwaras is safe.

The SGPC has issued special badges to “sewadars” (employees) working in the langar facilities of various SGPC-run gurdwaras. Badges have also been issued to the devotees who perform langar “sewa” on a regular basis. The names and the addresses of all such devotees are also being registered.

Besides, gurdwara managers have been told to monitor langars served by private organisations near their gurdwaras. They will also keep a watch on the location where langar is cooked.

At the Golden Temple, an additional manager has been entrusted the responsibility of keeping an eye on all such langars put up around the shrine. The SGPC has also issued guidelines to its langar staff to only accept ration items from the devotees instead of any cooked meal.

The SGPC has also initiated measures to ensure proper hygiene at the langar facility. For instance, it has decided to issue two sets of uniforms to the employees instead of one. It is also considering use of gloves by langar facility employees. The SGPC is also mulling setting up a langar committee where representatives of various Sikh organisations will also be included. The panel will formulate guidelines for monitoring the langars to be set up around the Golden Temple.

Source: The Tribune

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