Seechewal reminds Kaypee of poll promise

Jalandhar, Punjab: The member of Parliament from Jalandhar, Mohinder Singh Kaypee, had to face an awkward situation during a function here on Saturday when environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal reminded him of his pre-poll promise, which the former has failed to keep.

“Parliament di miyad khatam hone ja rahi hai Kaypee sahib, hun taa paani waste haa da nahra laga devo uthe. (The term of Parliament is going to complete Mr MP, at least now you should raise hue and cry in Parliament over water-related issues),” Seechewal said.

He also reminded the MP about his pre-poll promise on taking steps for cleaning of Kala Sanghian drain. “It was assured by you that you would take up this matter on priority after winning the election. People elected you and you forgot the promise. This drain is playing havoc with the lives of people not only in the Malwa region of Punjab but also in Rajasthan,” Seechewal said.

Kaypee was here to preside over the closing ceremony of a three-day sports festival.

Seechewal had been advocating vote and support for those parties only, which had taken steps to conserve water resources in the state. The environmentalist has a large following in the Jalandhar parliamentary constituency from where Kaypee is a Congress MP.

In his address, Kaypee again reiterated his promise to initiate steps to improve the condition of water drains of the state.

Source: HT

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